Unbox Therapy Scams His Viewers AGAIN – The Escobar Fold Fiasco [REUPLOAD]

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Background music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hmRV6dVQj0 Background visuals: https://www.youtube.com/user/Royaltyfreetube Unbox’s video: …


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  1. I apologize for the reupload, but many were confused as to why this was a scam, so I re edited the video, removed the useless bits and added more information and context. Again, I apologize, I don't like having to do reuploads. Thank you for understanding and sorry if you were confused by the earlier version of this video.

  2. I buy a lot of tech and watch many review channels. I just could never get into Unbox Therapy. I watched maybe two of his videos, he just seems like a big phony to me.

  3. Wait i dont get this if the normal fold is 2 grand and this is essentially a samsung fold for 399 how exactly are we getting scammed feels like the escobar phone is a way better deal, or am i missing something?

  4. I don't really agree that this scenario (nor the Stadia one) is a scam. Not to say that he's all above-board, but still.

    Let's be fair: they ARE the same phone, and he was comparing two foldable phones (few of which are on the market right now), both of which appeared to be identical except for the obvious aesthetic differences. He didn't know Escobar was running a scam (though it was never a stretch to imagine), and so the way he saw it, you were getting more or less the same "crazy" new technology for a much lower price. Sure, he probably should have realised there's a catch, but I guess he was just excited about new tech that's also affordable (if you're a big name online, anyway).

    Furthermore, I don't really disagree with Lew's take on the "status symbol" thing. There are a lot of people who buy expensive phones (especially iPhones, or all the Arabs and Indians who buy gold phones and watches) as a status symbol, whether it be teenagers who want to impress their friends or 20-/30-somethings with an ego problem – it happens, is the point, and a gold folding phone with "bleeding-edge" tech? Yeah, the shallow people who buy phones for status would be all over this.

    Keep in mind that Lew probably made it pretty clear who was purchasing the phone – Marques specifically went out of his way to not make it so obvious (one of the times – the other time, he denied to do a video), but once he mentioned it on social media, suddenly one of his phones arrived. Essentially then, I think it's fair to say that Lew was just another one of these "influencers" who Escobar was using as part of the scam. These people got fooled and taken for a ride. Maybe they should have been a bit wearier and looked into the situation further, but it seems that most tech reviewers didn't have the experience Marques did and so didn't think much of it.

    I don't think Lew was giving a dishonest review, so much as he just was unaware of the shady shit going on with Escobar (other than, you know, all the other shady shit). And that's not to say he's not at fault – I just think it's unfair to say that he was the one doing the scamming. If anything, he was scammed too. Keep in mind, these slimy fucks wanted to use people like Lew to get money from unsuspecting customers, but because a lot of these reviewers didn't do (enough) due diligence before accepting a product for review (and accepting products for review is common, even though Marques personally doesn't), they potentially got some of their viewers involved too.

    All I'm saying is that I don't think Lew meant any harm. He should have been more cautious, yes, but I don't think he did this out of maliciousness or anything like that.
    Now, that all being said, he should have made an addendum video and/or taken that one down (but I know the latter hurts your channel statistics, so a follow-up video would have been a better idea, in my opinion). That is my biggest issue with his approach.

    Finally, in case anyone thinks I wrote all of this because I like Lew/Unbox Therapy… I don't. I've watched some of his videos. He's okay. I don't particularly care for him. He appears to be kind of a douche on a personal level. I'm just trying to be logical about this instead of jumping to what I believe are frankly moronic conclusions.

  5. Lew gonna get cut by YT or a cartel boss blade… Either one is good end result. Next Unbox Shill vid will be survival gear for when you running from gangsters.

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