Was Tech YouTuber "Unbox Therapy" Paid to Promote a SCAM!?

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Unbox Therapy recently promoted a pretty sketchy device on his channel. But was he paid to promote this scam smart phone? Kavos’ Video: …


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  1. Sorry, but I see no concrete proof that Chris Hansen endorsed this. All I see is a video where he appears to endorse it. (This goes for every video on the scam channel.)
    Nowadays, you could get any TV personality to say everything with DeepFakes. So I would not trust any of the stuff there that people don't officially (i.e. from their own accounts) post.

  2. Multiple times.

    Also promoted multiple times products that are full of illegal roms.

    Also he acts like rules of physics don't exist for the stuff he promotes.

    All and all it's an all around your usual crapfluencer operation. Don't watch it. It just makes you potentially dumber if you watch his vids.

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