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Buy it here: https://goo.gl/a2j1o1
When the DRL Nikko Air racing drone first came out, the price tag was around $180. Now it is at $90. Why the big price drop? Let’s test it out and see if this drone that is backed with the DRL name is worth the money.

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/a2j1o1

Intro and Outro Animation – http://www.codysaylor.com

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  1. I'm torn between taking it back or keeping it it was a gift I don't fly drones so yeah but I also don't want to feel like an asshat for taking back a gift. What do you think?

  2. Never judge a book by its cover!! Lol. Jk. I would be as excited as you after finding the acro mode flips.
    -I think this was designed with fact that whoever buys this drone might not ever buy another one and they just want to feel like they are part of the DRL tv show since them guys are nuts and amazingly talented. Love all your reviews. Do the Traxxas Aton πŸ™‚

  3. I found this on walmart's website for $28 and bought it. Not because I expected that much out of it, but for that price I couldn't resist. Biggest problem was I think the vtx was running at 1mhz or something. Reception was really weak but I did like how the goggles fit and focused.

  4. Nikko mode? Are they trying to confuse new pilots? I also don't see the appeal of automatic flips. And it looks cheap, but honestly I don't know if I'd be disappointed with this drone. I paid about the same amount ($80) for an Eachine QX7 with goggles and it wasn't much better.

  5. The main clientele for this drone would be people new to the hobby but who recognize the DRL name. I wonder if this will lead to more DRL-licensed drones. If so, will they focus on the newbie market or try to build a reputation with experienced users too?

  6. I'd probably spend my money on a Redpawz R011 FPV Racing Drone as 1st racer . It is probably way more fun , it comes with an almost surely better fpv viewer, it cost way less ( 60 euros give or take ) and with 15 euros you can buy a kit with nΒ°5 3.7V x 150 or 230 or 300 amps , a 1 to 5 adaptor cable or a 5 battery charger ( depending on the kit) But this are just my 2 cents of course. Great Video as always guys πŸ˜‰

  7. I ordered the 2 cell betafpv tiny whoop today.. could you maybe get it and review it guys? I know it’s not for beginners but it would be so awesome to get info from you about that drone. Thanks in advance ❀️
    Edit- btw I started having real fun with a drone since I started playing with the furibee f36
    Love that drone.. I already do fpv with it daily for like about 2 months now and it’s still not getting old even with that basic mode

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