Billionaire Investor Chamath Makes His Wild Bitcoin Price Prediction

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In early days of bitcoin, it has been labeled as a schmuck insurance, but today its something way more valuable. In this video Billionaire Chamath will make his bitcoin price call and then I will try to explain the probabilities behind it.

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  1. So the way I see it. China fucked up with the epidemic outbreak. So what I see happening is Bitcoin will go up because of the halving will not be the moon shot we all believe. It will be the altcoins that are innovating supply chains, cybersecurity, e-payments, and other use cases. China really fucked them selfs. Everyone will go back home and need to come up with new ways to run businesses. I see this really taking flight in 2023-2026. This phase is showing the need for something else but the truth is I wish crypto could have something backed by gold not fiat.

  2. After days of consolidation and the upward trend (100% increase from the March bottom) in the price of bitcoin, the asset has once again tanked below $7,000 and is currently trading at the $6,900 region. If the asset can hold this position we will be seeing a new rally which will see bitcoin reach $9,000 or we might just experience yet another downward movement. What is of utmost importance in the art of investing in bitcoin is making profit always, accumulating and increasing your portfolio which is why I am currently trading under the guidance of Nathan Trueman who is an expert trader and coach, with his mentorship and accurate trade signals being implemented in my trades I have grown my portfolio to slightly over 12 btc from my initial 4 btc in just 6 weeks, I can’t stop being appreciative of his services because I haven’t seen any with such level of accuracy. Investors should turn away from hardcore hodling and look for suitable means to always stay profitable meanwhile Nathan can be reached through WhatsApp (+44) 7723984457 or Telegram (@nathantrueman) for any crypto-related inquiries or for more inquiries into his trade signal services.

  3. Y'all waiting for bitcoin to go bullish. Its gonna happen soon and the best thing to do now is to trade with an expert and increase the bitcoin you have already.I trade with Vanessa Lynn Shady and my profits are maximized by her.Y'all waiting for bitcoin to go bullish. Its gonna happen soon and the best thing to do now is to trade with an expert and increase the bitcoin you have already.I trade with Vanessa and my profits are maximized by her

  4. his cost basis is $80.00 so he has a risk free trade and has made multiples on his money already so he really has no skin in the game at this point – so he is going for all or nothing and his opinion has little value to most invetsors today – my opinion

  5. What are the chances the market going lower? Uhuh!! …BTC to $1500 final long capitulation wick. Many altcoins will disappear after regulations kick in and the market is decimated due to the coming turmoil. (My opinion)

  6. Short term fluctuation doesn't faze him because he is a billionaire and can buy each drop and hold all positions for years . This doesn't apply for the world

  7. He owned 5% of all BTC in 2013 now now. There were about 11 M BTC in circulation in 2013. He owns 550,000 BTC not close to 1 M BTC as mentioned in your video. Still a lot but try to be accurate.

  8. There is an obvious misconclusion in the room and that is bitcoin price movements arent entirely random and surely not 50/50 by any means, otherwise i would not make money trading it. Iam telling you this knowing that you will not listen just like any other kid that doesnt know how markets behave:
    there is not even a 0.00001% chance that bitcoin will not eventually drop 0$. It will take some years but as soon as banks adopt blockchain money there will be no need for a asset with a volatility this big and also no need for a blockchain with outdated code. Dont get me wrong, i love crypto but i absolutely hate the idea of btc replacing cash. I do not want this to happen and iam sure if you knew what that would do to the world you would not want that either. It would be the absolute worst reality to live in.

  9. Bitcoin (BTC) price has gained more than 10% in the last week, giving bulls some hope that the road ahead is a bright one for the leading digital asset. However, despite an effort to blast through the critical resistance level of $7,200, there was a huge rejection bringing home the reality that perhaps it may be a little too soon to be expecting a miraculous bounce back to the $8,000+ levels. Bitcoin price rally to $7,500 before pulling back to retest the $7,000 support before making an attack on the resistance at $7,750. Alternatively, a bearish outcome would see the price drop below the ascending trendline to the $6,200 support before attempting to recover above the overhead trendline, which may now function as resistance. However, I made my biggest gains from bitcoin the same time last year and have been doing so because I am been guided by a pro trader and signal provider known as Jeffrey Sanchez whose signals are well-timed and accurate to execute trades. Once again I was able to accumulate and grow my portfolio from 1.5btc to a total of 5.8btc in 4 weeks which you would agree is a very good profit. Well I encourage others to find a competent trader like him and copy trades for maximum profitability, Jeffrey can be reached on Telegram @ Jeff_sanchez for inquiries into profitable trading system

  10. All or nothing sounds right. Really have no choice but to go all in you know. Because I can and have no choice, get me. 911 will not forget. The whole world is sprayed with nanomeatels and pathogens. Geoengineering watch. Wake up. Junksilver and bitcoin.

  11. Thanks for updating video. Actually, the probability of reaches $20k in 13 steps is not (0.8)^13. It might be higher than (0.8)^13 (Because 13 step rising is not the only way to $20k. it could go up & down) Bitcoin investing is still a good strategy in a risk/reward perspective.

  12. The BTC block reward halvens in just over a month. For miners to recoup that lost revenue, transaction fees will have to rise to $20. Who on earth will pay that? Core devs made the big mistake of limiting block size. The only way this works is if blocks are big and can hold huge numbers of transactions. Blockchains need to scale. The only one that does is Bitcoin SV.

  13. Trading in stocks is the best thing I have ever learned in my life, it is a lifestyle, I invite everyone to explore trading not just for money but to understand the global economy and how it could improve your life. That's why I have a great professional like Tyler Davies to understand the benefits of investing in the market .

  14. Bitcoin 5000 (BVK) is a unique project and the best bitcoin fork created by honest work, without use ISO, this cryptocurrency is listed in Coinmarketcap and sold on two popular exchanges (Livecoin and Crex24)

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