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  1. About the whole 8 years of development. I believe they didn't start developing the game until a few years after they announced it and had to restart once or twice.

  2. Playing beta branch update1.10.. Amazing. A huge Performance improvement! Sieges never struggle my CPU anymore so hardly as before the Update. Before the Update my CPU get Hot and now its in the state it should stay. Very great Allround changes. More exp more armor better AI and mods… Omg. 1.10 beta branch on properties in steam and enjoy.

    Be aware! On my rig it works great. I cant ensure it will in your too! Its a beta branch patch up to 2gb. But try by yourself!

  3. u failed to mention that it has been in developement for a decade which would not bold well to the actual 1.0 release timeline…..
    and the cost that is waaaaayyyy to high for an early access project with a timeline like this

  4. the fact that the game can have 1000 NPCS on screen at once. graphics are irrelevant. you cant have uncharted graphics and 1000 NPCS on screen. the game looks gorgeous for what it is achieving

  5. Anyone have any tips i can barely run this game and i have the recommended settings. Its so jittery it plays like a slideshow. Its been better since the most recent patch but still pretty bad.

  6. why do people keep complaining about the Graphics? this is already a huge upgrade from warband unless they want the graphics to be like kingdom come, sure it would look great but you will basically playing a screenshot simulator during 500+ soldier battles.

  7. 8?!?! Seriously? This game one the best sandbox medieval games (which he said it’s ambitious and one of his favourite games). Yeah it’s in early access, but the level of detail, battles and massive improvement from the original Bannerlord deserves a 9/10 alone. The game stands out on it’s own to the rest of the medieval games on the market. This what Total war should learn from and pick up ideas from Bannerlord because the game itself stands out and is incredible with the developers constantly updating and fixing bugs daily, I’ve never seen a developer constantly interact with it’s community unlike the AAA developers. It’s one of the most played games on steam aswell. This is why you don’t listen to reviews and experience it yourself.

  8. i used to be able until a game breaking bug one patch later literally locked me out of playing this game and the devs still havent fixed it its been almost a full week :/ i guess thats early access but still you think they would prioritize the game breakers not the in game thats literally just a visual thing…..

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