10 All-New Japanese Cars Going on Sale in 2021 (Rundown of Latest News)

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Today we are continuing the series about the upcoming 2021 car models, bringing to you the lineup from the Japanese brands. As expected, Toyota Motor Corp is holding the leadership position in the region, but other manufacturers from the Isles have quite a few newcomers to present as well. More electrified powertrains, new performance models and added luxury, this is a short preview of the automobiles arriving from the land of the rising sun!

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List of all vehicles that were shown in this #AT_New_Cars release:

Toyota RAV4 Prime: newsroom.toyota.eu/the-rav4-plug-in-hybrid-toyotas-new-hybrid-flagship

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime build on the Rav4 Hybrid model, adding new motor-generators, a booster converter and a larger capacity battery to ensure up to 39 miles of all-electric driving. Once on sale from summer 2020, it will be Toyota’s most powerful and fuel-efficient SUV model in the range.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition: automobiles.honda.com/future-cars/civic-type-r-limited-edition

2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is a new a new track-focused version of the iconic FWD hatch, that becomes 103 pounds lighter, due to the installation of the new 20-inch BBS wheels and the removal of AC and infotainment.

Toyota GR Supra: pressroom.toyota.com/vehicle/2021-toyota-supra

We are only getting used to the fact that there is a new Supra on the block, while Toyota already has an update for the newcomer. In the upcoming year the lineup is expanded to include 4 trims: 2.0, 3.0, 3.0 Premium and A91 Edition.

Nissan Ariya: europe.nissannews.com/en-GB/releases/nissans-imk-and-ariya-concepts-an-all-new-design-direction-for-the-ev-era?&modal=video-6be70fa87c35620f753555ba3a0002ac

2020 Nissan Ariya is an upcoming electric crossover from the brand, that is expected to hit assembly lines in 2021. It seats 5 and has rumored range of 310 miles on a charge.

Toyota Highlander XSE: pressroom.toyota.com/vehicle/2021-toyota-highlander/

In 2021, the Toyota Highlander 3-row SUV gets the first sporty XSE trim, that boasts a retuned chassis setup, improved handling, a model-specific exterior design, and a racy interior that can be ordered in a red and black color scheme.

Lexus LC500 Convertible: lexus.com/future/LC-Convertible/

Unveiled its production guise at the 2019 LA Autoshow, Lexus LC500 Convertible is finally going on sale across the globe this summer, already as a 2021 model. It gets an electronically-operated 4-layer soft-top roof, that opens and closes in 15-seconds at speeds under 31mph.

Acura Type S: acura.com/future-vehicles/type-s-concept

More than a decade after the discontinuation, Honda is resurrecting a performance branch of their luxury Acura brand, with the plans to release two Type S models, starting with a new version of the TLX mid-size sedan.

Mazda MX-30: insidemazda.mazdausa.com/press-release/2019-tokyo-motor-show

2021 Mazda MX-30 is a battery-electric city crossover with a very modest range of 125 miles WLTP. It features 1 electric motor, sending 143 horses to the front wheels, and has a starting price of around £30,000 before incentives for the limited “First Edition” trim.

Nissan Patrol/Armada: global.nissannews.com/en/releases/new-nissan-patrol-debuts-with-fresh-look-and-enhanced-luxury-features

The history of the Nissan Patrol platform dates back nearly 70 years and occupies a special spot in the hearts of the fans of the brand. The boxy giant receives a brand-new front fascia highlighted by a V-motion grille with a massive chrome frame and boomerang-shaped LED headlights.

Lexus UX 300e: global.toyota/en/newsroom/lexus/30609957.html?padid=ag478_from_kv

Toyota Motor Corporation is quite reluctant about adding electric cars to their portfolio, but the possible market opportunities still dictate the release of the compact luxury crossover Lexus UX300e.

Toyota Mirai: pressroom.toyota.com/coupe-inspired-design-modernizes-all-new-2021-toyota-mirai-sedan

2021 Toyota Mirai represents a new, 2nd generation of the hydrogen-powered model, that sits on a new premium rear-wheel-drive setup with the dimensions similar to the Avalon and 4-door coupe body style. The car is aiming at the 30% range increase, so we can expect up to 406 EPA miles on a tank plus the performance parameters are bound to improve as well.


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