$6.5 Million 1340 HorsePower KOENIGSEGG ONE:1 in London Traffic! – FLASHBACK #29

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Supercars on the streets – Hi all welcome back to the channel, welcome to the twenty-nineth Flashback video, I hope you’re all well.

Because of the whole situation we are in as some extra entertainment we will be uploading DAILY flashback videos from filming supercars over the past 5 years, the videos will go live at 3PM GMT.

One of the cars we are super lucky to have as a ‘local’ in London is this stunning blue Koenigsegg One:1, I first saw it in Monaco but since then the new owner has been taking it out for rides in London quite often!

Many more flashbacks coming your way so make sure you have the notifications turned on.

I hope you enjoy the video, stay safe!

Koenigsegg One:1

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  1. Still love your intro

    but I don't understand why this guy buys a Koenigsegg but he could buy a LaFerrari Aperta with the money

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