The OnePlus 8 is a SEXY Smartphone – Unboxing & First Impressions

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It’s going to be a hard sell to make you want to cover up this smartphone completely with a case. Buy OnePlus Smartphones On Amazon (Paid Link): …


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  1. Hey Linus, I have been your subscriber for a lot of years now (LTT) and my one and only question for you is Just How Much Are You Earning From YouTube?😂

  2. I would like to ask all members of the LMG to the following: Just get that sticker off from the back of the phone, and put it in the box!!! (in all phone reviews!)


    – no need for "censor"

    – we can see much clearer what the hack is happening

    – even Linus can enjoy "the sexiest back of a phone"

    – you can put that sticker back on the phone when putting away the phone


    there is none, as far as i can see

  3. I think anyone thinking of buying this should check out oneplus 7t because basically they are same and it comes at little over half price of oneplus 8

  4. Huh I just got my daughters Galaxy A50 and it has that same pearlescent coloration for the back, I was kind of impressed, and sort of jealous my note 10 didn't have a black back with the same effect.

  5. I loved my 5T, but I don't like OnePlus' trend-chasing in recent years.
    The curved screen is worse.
    The in-screen fingerprint sensor is worse.
    No headphone jack is worse.
    The holepunch is worse.
    Too many bad choices have been made with recent phones, including the 8 & 8 Pro. There are better options at lower pricepoints, companies doing now what OnePlus started.

  6. 1. curved screens are very expensive to repair and break easy. 2. you can't charge and listen to music on the go without dongle.

  7. You guys need to tighten up your timing with the uploads – Linus' fuller "review" of the OnePlus8 shows up BEFORE this ShortCircuit unboxing/first impressions vid. XD

  8. If you're not someone who is crazy about cameras and you aren't satisfied with the camera on any newish flagship phone then the company really screwed up.

  9. Hey phone manufacturers don't put the stupid sticker on the back so people can actually show the phone without censoring it….. Heard there was a cool back, can't see it.

  10. Has anyone wondered if that Garden is actually real? or if its just a picture and Linus is really infront of a greenscreen? the way the foreground objects pop out makes it seem fake and nothing in the background actually moves, the trees are solid. Also every video has the same light temperature and there are no outside noises such as cars or birds. What do you think? Then again reflections in the phone are real and the pics on the phone are from the garden.

  11. I'd rather just have a rear fingerprint sensor… I don't understand what the point of all the research and design into these under display fingerprint sensors when you can just put your phone on the back of the phone, feel the fingerprint sensor, and have it unlocked by the time you've lifted it out of your pocket into the observation position. add to that the nice scrolling / settings pull down gesture you get with the rear sensor, I don't know why people would want something different.

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