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  1. All I see in the comments are a bunch of 12 year olds saying you cant have an opinion on this game because its not finished.

    The stupidity the average youtube commenter displays…

  2. I bet the review won't mention the fact the game has proven spyware, that constantly runs from start-up with access to everything on your computer to be sent to, effectively the Chinese government who own the majority of the company (that's already well known for it's shady deals with the Chinese government) that published this game. The specific spyware can not only access your files but can access your webcam, microphone etc. Without you ever knowing.

  3. I think Valorant could actually become the next big thing. It feels so smooth to play. Every time I get a kill or get killed, I know what happened to me and I why. Sometimes in OW you're like "wtf that reins charge just attached to me somehow and I was no where near him!" But I'm concerned the younger audience won't be into it because of how slow it is. The game moves at such a snail's pace and the game takes itself waaaaaay too seriously it is not appealing to the eye and the game does not look cool. Some characters also don't really stand out. I always find myself confusing Brimstone and Breach whenever I am playing against them and trying to call them out. Finally, the game is suuuper unforgiving…..But I'm also hesitant to say all of these criticisms because the younger kids will eat up anything that is free to play. Anyways. Success all depends on the zoomers and the Asia market. If it can hit off there, then GG…

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