12 COOLEST Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying

12 COOLEST Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying

Today’s set is full of functional and handy gadgets every man would appreciate. Get ready for the most unusual knives and the most unusual way to use lasers.


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  1. Things that really work: bic lighter. A good hand saw. An axe. 50m of parachute cord. Duct tape. Big reinrorced tarps. 10/22. Oh..did i say an extra bic lighter? Good buck knife. Spiderwire fishing line. Some trebble hooks. Some wire for snares. A wool blanket and a tarp. The little saw on your swissknife is for cutting the cheese. ?

  2. I am not buying anything from Amazon anymore because of their dominant role in the US elections and the violations of free speech along with Facebook, Twitter, Closure of Parler, etc. ! With thoughtful greetings from Denmark!

  3. I've been thinking awhile now about how revolutionary it would be if I invented a versatile USB cable like that “6 in 1” cable ? it's a remarkable tool but I'm sad now yet grateful the product exists. I'll make plans to invest in some for I and my loved ones. Also I don't know why you and your team bless us with this content but I appreciate it, thank you @youfacttech ?

  4. ? Some of these items are NOT “worth buying”!! For instance, That 1000 year watch is created by a company thats been in the watch business for ONLY 37 years — has a MERE 4 year warranty — and costs more than most homes at $400,000!!!

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