Best CES 2021 Smart Home Tech: 20 Awesome Gadgets

Best CES 2021 Smart Home Tech: 20 Awesome Gadgets

CES 2021 had plenty of amazing tech! I followed the announcements all week and I’m excited to share some of the best smart home tech and other gadgets.


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  1. Technology for technology’s sake haha. Definitely heading to a wallie society. I think i will stick with my power cut proof keys for my door though. I do like the wallpaper tv, and frame tv, though maybe a solar strip for the tv as well as the remote though especially if using always on picture mode.

  2. Liked the video and the information you provided but the corny jokes and dialogue was almost too much and I nearly changed it. I see the people in comments section are just as corny and unfunny but they seem to love it. Maybe I'm the unfunny and out of touch one here. Yikes

  3. Great job, I just wanted to add I love TP-Link but I am a little aggravated. My smart switches and plugs all power off and back on at the same time periodically?

  4. i normally hate all razer products but that face mask looks cool as long as its actually safe and not claimed to be safe

  5. I gotta be honest. New age electronic items aren't good looking. They are just overpriced shit doesn't look good on your home. My dad bought a Hi-Fi music system in a 2000s and boy did it look good compared to the ugly ones today? Yes, it did.

  6. The Mask detector at the end is actually quite useful for security cameras, but if the person goes around without a mask already, I don't think a robot will make the person change his/her mind.

  7. Parents: Nooo! A robot shouldn't rock the baby back to sleep! Where's the humanity and parent-child relationship in that? What happened to our society?

    Also parents: Ugh, another sleepless night. ?

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