Days Gone Review

Days Gone Review

Days Gone reviewed by Lucy O’Brien on PlayStation 4 Pro. First 17 Minutes of Days Gone: Subscribe to IGN for …


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  1. It’s crazy how many people watch reviews just to hear the game they like be praised and regurgitate their opinion instead of watching to see valid criticism about the game. It’s sad.

  2. This is a goddamn masterpiece! What a shameful review…It does a huge disservice to the game. You are better off looking at the Metacritic user score, not the critic score, and of course the score given by the Steam community. That is the real deal. This game was fantastic! Period! Too bad that Sony shot down the sequel.

  3. perhaps the only things we can agree with this reviewer is the bugs/glitches, but it's for the console version. try the PC one, it's FLAWLESS (in my experience), no problem at all. besides that issue, this game is really great, the story, the unique concept of zombies (huge hordes, nests, caves), the musics, everything is perfect for me, worth every penny. deserves AT LEAST 8.5.

  4. *In IGN voice: IGN's review is relatively thorough given its short runtime. It's well edited and we found ourselves agreeing with many of the points. Unfortunately that's where our agreement ended as there wasn't any consistency to be found in the brief review which was more fitted to the attention span of your average YouTube viewer rather than a fair review that you would need for a…well a review. On one hand the reviewer cited aspects of the game as drawbacks and levied criticism and on the other hand praised aspects of the game that were just as fleshed out as those aspects that they didn't like, leaving us feeling like they were talking about the game but were just going through the motions to sound like a review and summarizing what they felt is the average perception of the game rather than giving a fair and honest assessment of the game in a comprehensive review. All in all we give the review a 4 out of 10. It's worth a 6 minute watch but you'll find more nuanced and honest reviews pretty much anywhere else. Agree or disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments below, like and subscribe for more reviews of your favorite reviews and level up with us.

  5. After playing the PC version this game just shows me why reviewers are terrible at their jobs. Don’t listen to reviews, game is outstanding game and deserves a 9/10.

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