TSM Bjergsen Interview: Match Against C9, Team Communication, Worlds Bubble | ESPN ESPORTS

TSM Bjergsen Interview: Match Against C9, Team Communication, Worlds Bubble | ESPN ESPORTS

Following TSM’s match against Cloud9 in Week 8 of the LCS, TSM Mid Laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg joins ESPN’s Arda Ocal to review the team’s development …


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  1. Imagine bleeping swears in 2020 while your ratings slip on your TV channel that no one is watching. Stop treating everyone like babies and grow up ESPN.

  2. Man why can't all esports interview go like this. Seems like players run it down every time a mic gets put on their face

  3. I know that TSM never really addressed the internal problems of spring 2019 with dardoch why things collapsed internally but do you guys think that he's refferencing Dardock @ 4:25? I feel like he's one of the main ex players that I could see him pegging as "negative".

  4. I think bjerg was talking about Bio when he mentioned about a specific person just wanted to go home and not spend time with the team, as well as being defensive. I remember in a TSM Legends episode double called out bio for always wanting to go home after scrims lol. I think that may also be a reason why he got benched.

  5. Brilliant interview, you can tell Bjergsen feels relaxed, the questions flow smoothly and there's no pressure. You also come across as naturally interested where as others perhaps don't. great job.

  6. You can really feel the ESPN touch in this interview. Just another level of professionalism and quiet quality to it than much of the grassroots stuff. Although there were already great questions asked, which I wouldn't have changed, and it seems like the interview was trying to be kept under 10 minutes, so there wasn't any room for more questions, but I nevertheless find myself with an unsatisfied hunger for more in-depth questions on the state of the roster.

    The jungler and coach have been revolving door positions for years at TSM and seemed like the major reason a once-dominant team fell to the middle of the pack for the first time in LCS history. There's a lot of story to be had with the support role switch from a classic success-player of the past in Biofrost as well as pairing the relative rookie with DL. BB was a new player 2 years ago and has had his moments of inconsistency; how has he been stepping up as a veteran in the current environment? I would have loved to hear Bjergsen's thoughts on why the current roster, specifically with regards to these positions, is working so well.

    It seemed like a natural follow-up to Bjerg's statement that they are inexorably improving and gaining confidence, compounding week after week. What about this roster makes them able to improve so consistently?

    Maybe some ideas for the next interview.

  7. This guy is such a great interviewer. He had a great interview with Doublelift as well. So much better than most of the other esports interviewers I've seen!

  8. Yo TSM people, videographer here, after seeing Doublelift and Bjergsen's interviews at your training facility, think you guys need to lower your webcam ISO. Your lighting is great but the camera is too sensitive.

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