Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – How Does It Compare?

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  1. How many charges do you get out of the battery pack 1,2,3,4? I have a portable artery pack that i paid $80 for and I get 4 FULL charges, from what they have released it looks like for iPhone 12 Pro Max you only get a 50% charge, $99 and you don’t even get a full charge sorry I’ll stick with what I have

  2. in india actually the magsafe battery pack is cheaper as compared to anker at 150 bucks compared to ankers at 178 bucks .pretty expensive tho in india

  3. I’ll give you a speed AND size advantage for free here: make it wired! Just take advantage of the magnet for easy attachment, but loose the inefficiency (wasted mAh) that comes with wireless charging! Cmon how can’t anyone else not see it!!! Wireless charging is convenient only when at home or office, connected to an outlet. If on the go, why would you carry a bulkier bank (specially if it goes attached to your phone) just so it can charge wirelessly?!! I just don’t get it

  4. hey dear how are you? I'm saiful from Bangladesh, I watching your all videos, please tell me bast cable pawar bank for my electronics accessories like iPhone 12 pro max and leptop and others phone also like Samsung s21 ultra, please tell me dear which one should for me??

  5. Can we all like not buy this and make it the most unsold apple product. This way apple will ensure they don't make fool of us by providing this kind of product with no charger and 5 watt charing capacity and that too for $99 #BoycottMagsafeBatteryPack

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