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  1. Careful there bud, when talking about the backgrounds. Don't wanna cream in them skinny jeans of yours.

  2. My take: beautiful game but the fighting… just isnt fun , interesting or rewarding…and that is what makes up a big bulk of the game.

  3. Such a shallow review, masked by an enthusiastic and mostly optimistic voice. No mention of the soundtrack, all of the interesting systems, 2 player mode, etc, that the game has to offer, to just talk about gorgeous sprites and the fact that the game is a non linear 20 years old JRPG.

  4. fuckers a casual, please dont review games if you dont know jackshit about it, he didnt even mention pet capturing, the storyline this game is beautiful

  5. One of the greatest games ever made. Up there with games like Diablo 1 and 2. Lunar Silver Star Story, Shining Force. Azure Dreams. Etc.

  6. A lot more to the game than the review said but it's poignant for its main reasons, it is a legitimately fun game to play especially with a friend.

  7. Fun Fact: The opening song was sung by Annika Ljungberg (a.k.a. Mary Sue), former lead singer of the Swedish Music Group Rednex, the guys behind their 1995 hit, Cotton Eye Joe.

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