Zombie "Thriller" Dance – 360° Virtual Reality

Zombie "Thriller" Dance - 360° Virtual Reality

I think these zombies only want to distract you with the choreography of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. This fits the spirit of Halloween 🙂 360 virtual reality …


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  1. if you look back there is like some kind of zombie inside a brick bunker or something like that is also dancing

    I think I already found out, the zombies are just doing a distraction dance so that another zombie attacks you from behind (if you don't believe me, turn the camera and see that wall all the time or advance it)

  2. Beim ersten Mal wusste ich überhaupt nicht dass hinter mir eine kommt ich habe mich immer am Anfang gedacht wo ich mir das angeguckt habe was wieso bin ich am Ende tot gewesen und dann habe ich mich erst um geschrieben hab gesehen dass da einer auf mich zukommt von hinten

  3. I watch this 2 times and now I noticed the zombie at the back I was like are you survivor or a zombie at the end I knew it was a zombie in the first time I was watching this I did not notice the zombie at the back I was like at the end what??? what happend??? they did not get me tho so weird

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