Bitcoin BREAKS $30,000!! Livestream Crypto Bear Market

Bitcoin BREAKS $30,000!! Livestream Crypto Bear Market

Bitcoin breaks $30000 and takes altcoins with it. Today’s video we discuss the bear market tactics we’re using to stay safe and protect capital.


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About the Author: Jason Pizzino


  1. so if altcoins with fundamental value that do stuff are 75% off and you say to wait..i mean what % are you waiting for to buy? just curious. at some point we have to bounce back hard. matic is about 80% off.

  2. Everytime you say "I don't know" my emotional response is negative. Then my logical mind asks "Am I upset because I wanted hopium?" And it usually keeps me from trading on emotion so. I appreciate your honesty. I still love the hoping channels because they give me "The Gambling Hype" it's a lot of fun but I NEED your channel to keep me from repeating stupid mistakes

  3. Thanks to you, I started using stop loss orders again. You saved me a new big loss.

    The question now is where to place the stop buy orders. So far, I cannot pull the trigger. ?

  4. The play would be obvious, except I saw a credible report that the stock market on Monday would start dropping 10%. Crypto cannot beat the direction of the stock market.

  5. Yes Alt Trading is the way to make profits in a sideways market as fear continues to drive Alt coin prices down and up bitcoin is going to pump again about 5k and its not going to dump this round so I just bought more alt coins at a discount I decided to cash in on NFT's this week AXS ENJ ALICE TVK and wait for them to go up in price over the next week as bitcoin goes up again for a another retest of the 33k support barrier if it fails to break that again my friends sell short and cash out we might be in for a big dumparoo to the Zoo for the Next Bear and Bull showdown goodluck and trade well my friends

  6. I highly suggest people stop watching YouTube and get a friend who works for a hedge fund or works in finance all of those guys dumped crypto months ago. YouTube is the dumb money.

  7. Bummer… I love to catch the streams live with the crew but I like to sleep too ?! Heading down would hurt a little short term but honestly we were sideways for so long I have fiat im just waiting to put in if we crash and I'm betting thats true for a lot of us!

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  9. Well,. I'm so happy I just got into Crypto trading and I made my first. profit , I wish I knew about Crypto earlier. ,I would've made a lot of money by now.

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