Is Jensen Worth New Team Liquid Deal? Building Super Team? | ESPN ESPORTS

Is Jensen Worth New Team Liquid Deal? Building Super Team?  | ESPN ESPORTS

Tyler Erzberger and Emily Rand discuss Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen’s new reported deal with Team Liquid for the next three years. Is Jensen worth $4.2 million?


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  1. no, they could have just got a rookie from Europe for 1/10th of that who's just as good or better (magifelix comes to mind, or larssen). But disney money i guess.

  2. I honestly can't see the value in singing Jensen for that much but then again being involved in similar contracts, I can say that is the right move from a financial standpoint for Jensen and his agent. Is not that he is underrated is just that he is not as marketable as other Midlanders and the U.S is a market where we want profits now! This is not a tech unicorn or amazon where you can delay revenue for market presence, nor is it a sport that has cemented footprint in the U.S. let alone internationally where we can't market them because WE SUCK and they lose, To me, this is a pure investment by the team and time will tell if it was a good idea or not, also without knowing the details of the contract is hard to know HOW GOOD IT REALLY IS. Are there any goals he has to hit, guarantee money upfront? salary structured over the year based on performance etc. LoL is very vague on what information we have available and I can see why.

  3. Jensen has had a great jg synergy. You're forgetting about blaber. He had great synergy with him and would be super hype if they could get that done with a trade

  4. I will say this. Jensen is better than Bjergsen but those of these guys are past their prime. I don't think he should be built around.

  5. The thing about paying him this much is, how does the other TL players feel? I mean imagine if you got paid less than 2mil for 3 years when you're on the same team as a guy who earns 4+. They better not make the gap too big or the team will definitely have some inbalance.

  6. Guys, Jensen is great and all, but NA is losing tons of money, so you can't tell me that in this ecosystem anybody is worth that much money. Right now Liquid is just overpaying their players, they don't get the viewers or the sponsors to warrant that investment.

    If they question is "is it worth keeping Jensen by paying him the most in the league" then yes. If the question is "is Jensen worth that much money on Liquid or LCS" then the answer by definition has to be no.

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