10 Upcoming Electric Pickups Beyond 2022: Worthy Alternatives to the Tesla Cybertruck?

Domination on the North American market is inevitably associated with pickup trucks. The arrival of electric vehicles isn’t likely to change this decades old formula, so car makers are making a strong push for the EV versions of these giants. This trend is further fueled by the recent commitment of the US government to support sustainable sources of energy and zero emission transportation. To bring you up to speed with the latest news within the segment, in this episode we will cover the freshly announced electric pickups and give you updates about the progress of the already known models.

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Introduction 00:00

00:49 Ford F-150 Lightning

The Lightning moniker is not a newcomer in the Ford stables as it was introduced for the F-Series during the 9th generation of the model in 1990s. Now it comes in handy and returns to mark the first gas-free version of the F-150 truck.

01:58 Alpha Wolf and Wolf Plus Wolf
alphamotorinc.com/wolf /

With their newly developed modular skateboard platform, the California startup Alpha rushes into the rising compact pickup segment. The Wolf will be offered in a single and extended cab Plus versions.

02:59 Rivian R1T

The first member of the Rivian R1T truck family, labeled the Launch Edition, will arrive to the buyers in June 2021 as a 300-mile range EV with quad-motor AWD, a 135kWh battery pack, and a max output of 750 horses.

04:20 GMC Hummer EV

The recently repurposed Detroit-Hamtrack plant will begin production of the new generation of GM vehicles by the end of 2021. Based on the proprietary flexible platform the Edition 1 Hummer EV supertruck is rumored to weigh around 9000 pounds.

05:33 Lordstown Endurance

This Lordstown Endurance pickup emerged as the successor to the Workhorse W-15 with an ambitious plan to set up a high-volume production at the 6.2-million-square-foot facility bought from General Motors.

06:37 Canoo Pickup

Ready for any daily task that you throw at it, the Canoo pickup is built on the company’s modular platform that allows for a variety of applications. According to the company, the truck will get rear and dual motor versions, offering around 200 miles of range, and it will be available with an optional, easy to install camper shell for weekend trips.

07:37 Tesla Cybertruck

We are getting close to two years after the debut of Elon Musk’s latest extreme automotive project but it’s not any closer to mass production. Nevertheless, if we were to trust the Dogecoin bull one last time, his crazy Cybertruck is real and will be delivered to the market in the original futuristic form.

08:41 Bollinger B2

Bollinger continues development of its proprietary platform, that will underpin the company’s upcoming B1 SUV, B2 truck, and the recently revealed class 3 B2 CHASS-E CAB. Planned to start assembly by the end of 2021, the models will rely on the dual-motor AWD system paired with a 120kWH battery pack.

09:50 Atlis XT

Based in Mesa, Arizona, Atlis is yet another EV startup that focused on developing its own skateboard platform that should be able to accommodate different body styles. The company’s first in-house vehicle to use this architecture is the XT pickup, originally revealed in 2019.

10:52 Chevrolet, RAM and Toyota trucks

The arrival of the F150 Lightning and Hummer EV sends a clear signal that legacy automakers. Among the other most anticipated models are 2023 Chevrolet Silverado Electric, RAM 1500 electric and Toyota Tundra and Tacoma electric.


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  1. the Ford F-150 Lightning 4WD + 3.0 in. Lift Twin i-MOTOR 106 kWh 4-Dr Crew Cab Pickup Truck (LHD) could be a game changer for pickup trucks!!! this EV has to be Ford TOUGH & high tech at the same time!!! an all electric Ford F-550 HD e-RAPTOR 4WD + 3.0 in. Lift FordQUAD™ i-MOTOR 130 kWh 4-Dr Crew Cab EV Light Truck (LHD) would be great!!! as for the Tesla Cybertruck 4WD + 3.0 in. Lift 120 kWh 4-Dr Crew Cab EV Truck (LHD)!!! what was elon musk thinking??? the Cybertruck great as a future 2060 concept or a remake of the Back To The Future movie!!! but not reality, atleast not!!! Tesla seriously needs to redesign the Cybertruck!!!!!!! could you please share your email Id if possible???

  2. I love how everything is against Tesla. If you love Ford trucks buy a Ford. None of these vehicles have any real world testing and specs. When these hit the road we will see what happens. Ford has def set the bar for utility but Elon is known to shake the market.

  3. Ford just made their ICE F150's obsolete with the new electric Lightning F-150. This will kill sales of their ICE F150s – the Osborne effect.

  4. Now that more car makers are getting into the electric market we need those charging stations I don’t care if gas stations throw a fit about this just do it cause there aren’t enough around the country also who is going to be able to do matenince on them it’s going to be good to see these trucks on the road soon maybe someone will try to make one last cannonball movie putting electric cars agenst gas ones we should get more info about them soon

  5. Ford is on track, but to lead…is to do…consistantly…the range still isn't good enough, if Ford gets better range….the E.V. F150 will sell better !!

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