How Augmented Reality Will Change Education Completely | Florian Radke | TEDxGateway

How Augmented Reality Will Change Education Completely | Florian Radke | TEDxGateway

Florian Radke talks about how Augmented reality is not a toy, it’s a powerful tool that will help solve some of the worlds biggest problems. If we do it right, it can …


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  1. AR Technology will be the reason nobody needs an education. University will become obsolete. When the human does not have a need to think, it will be discarded. Our next best ability is how energy efficient we are at preforming complex multitasking in physical space. Our bodies will be worth more then our brains. We are Borg.

  2. Honestly, i cant find a way to use this in my day to day life, its kinda useless, and it has very limited and specific uses

  3. 3D objects are not new. We have always been able to pan, rotate and zoom around these objects inside a webpage. Yet, we hardly use it. We don't need a 3D object to be reconstructed when our eyes see from one direction. It still lacks the physics: you can't touch the object, it can't do the job its meant to do because its virtual. Again, the exploded view of a 3D object is not new.

    From what I can see, the benefits AR provides: depth information (I don't need or would be willing to pay a dollar for this feature.)

    Personally, I look forward to having AR goggles for my kitchen: I'd like to watch, control content and get guidance while I learn to cook in the kitchen.

  4. The thought is good.
    New research says it may interfere with visual memory. We should test it rather than make an entire generation a device addict.

  5. Vr headsets can change the world.Think about it, as a society,for thousands of years, we've been advancing and evolving to survive. We went from horses to cars.From stairs to elevators. Vr headsets are just the next step to human evolution. He's right,It's not a toy. It's a tool for education. And we will grow and prosper from it as a whole.

  6. technology, like most things, has two sides. The "driver" conceptualized by high noble intents of good, and the end game, which is the dark side of the internets. What technology will bring, and now has, is darkness.

  7. Google should in the future make 3d images like at 5:27 , part of google images. People can see buildings, art, human anatomy, furniture, and clothes in 3D on whatever device it may be. Google Tango, Microsoft Hololens, and every phone with Apple's AR capabilities.

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