How Do YouTubers Make Money? (And Other Questions We Have to Answer)

Answering the top 10 questions YouTubers get Can You Trust MKBHD? MKBHD Merch: Tech I’m using …


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  1. My issue right now is getting monetized!!! I am struggling very hard on this. I am trying to get to 1k Subs and 4k watch hours!!! Please help!!!! Any advice much appreciated!!!

  2. I would be interested to know if you have to deal with much racism on line. I ask not solely because of the obvious societal reasons but that you operate in a predominantly white sector of utube? And for the same reason is there negative pressure from the black community?

  3. @Marques Brownlee Q: How do youtubers feel about ad blockers, which are becoming much more popular. Q: What happens if we click OUT of an ad before its fully played? Do they stll get paid off that ad?? Q: If we skip through an in video ad that you negotiated, do you still get paid for that??

  4. “What do you do for work?” ?. I have the same dilemma when answering that question. I do about 5 different things, and that question always feels like “where should I place you on the social hierarchy?”.

  5. Pretty sure the No1 question people want to ask is how much money do you make…how rich are you. I’m sure some rude people do…strange really as you don’t ask your lawyer or dentist. Maybe because we have a rough idea…

  6. A lot of folks looking for inspo, look to me, especially in the beginning. 
    Some of whom, I'm sure, are very familiar to you 🙂
    Sadly, not ONE of them get back to me, to say thanks for the help, or bugger me rotten, actually pay me a little sumthin' for the karmic harmony.
    I have inspired a rather large chunk of the modern world this way. And the universal karmic disharmony is painfully obvious.

    And about what makes a job – put it this way: if it pays the bills, treats the ills, warms the chills, provides the swills, and enables the thrills – It's a job…

  7. Question is why you put this now
    A situation ….
    You like someone …got matched …went to his house and meet her parents ..they asked about your job say ..but can not nullify their eye flinching/ mose squizzing …you explain but still they are suspecious …

    To explain better you made this one ….

  8. Newsradio. Guaranteed to shutdown the inquiry everytime. 🙂 Also, the moustache progression – on point. Keep On Keepin' On sir! 🙂

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