HTC One (M8) in-depth: Features explained, analysis and review | Phone Show Special

HTC One (M8) in-depth: Features explained, analysis and review | Phone Show Special

It’s launch day for the HTC One M8, and we’re taking an in-depth look at HTC’s brand new flagship. Join us as we examine all the new features in-depth and …


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  1. Their intention is how to sale? but service is not all good especially in india ,please be brave to buy this stupid products.

  2. Jesus, I was interested in this, then they said "Sense" and I remembered why I'll never buy an "Stamped Android Experience" phone ever again.

    Go Nexus and OnePlus!

  3. I Disagree with this review… HTC is more likely the same with the Samsung mobile phones. It's all about gimmicks! What? ULTRA PIXELS is way better than those camera phone with higher MEGAPIXELS? Ok if so, why the hell they made the front facing camera a 5 MEGAPIXEL camera? So they can get a better quality pictures in front facing camera right?? That's why this phone is called BEST IN SELFIE mobile phone!!! LOL! and you even dare to compare this to Sony Xperia Z2??? My goodness guys… Come on open your eyes! Even my old old iPhone 4 is way way better than any HTC mobile phone camera! 🙂

  4. I had a few thoughts about the criticisms about the camera on this review that link to ho we see things with our real eyes and review them

    The camera was accused of over exposing things…but when we look into bright light with our eyes? we are not able to produce a perfect picture in "real time"…so the camera here has slight defects akin to us looking at something in real life in a real way that causes an imperfect picture..this defect could actually remind one of how your natural eyes expierienced things at the time of the taking of the picture and thus to you ehhance the memory of the moment.

  5. It is pretty sad. I went to att today i was like do you guys have the htc one m8? and they are like yeah! and the gs5. so i was looking at both of them. Then people came in and asked if they had the gs5 and thats all they wanted didn't even look at the m8 🙁

  6. I have the One M8, and although the camera is a bit of a bummer, it really isn't that bad. I take tons of photos, though the camera isn't half bad. I mostly upload photos to Instagram, ect. They look great and sharp. Some reviewers just go straight hard on it.

  7. why only 2gb of ram and not 3? think ifm im going to upgrade from my htc one I may get the z2 compact (when it comes oout) or the nexus 6. What do you guys think of the oppo find 7? it looks great also but too big in size for me

  8. Why would HTC make such a perfect, beautiful looking phone and insist on a gimmick for camera AND take out image stabilization???  This makes zero sense for me…  This COULD have been a perfect phone if it wasn't for that damn camera…

  9. I'm almost getting away from S5, but 4MP and non removable battery stop me from this M8…If only S5 with existing hardware + premium Aluminium body…

  10. Great review.  Others I've listen to spend a lot of time hyperventilated about the dual camera configuration on the back making it not as attractive as the M7.  What kind of BS is that?  Note that Ultra Pixel design (larger pixels rather than more of them) is a trend in pro level camera who know that number of pixels is not the whole story.  All pixels are not created equal!  And I am super excited about the SD memory chip slot.  Beyond all that I just love the way the phone looks and feels.

  11. My next phone …i has a samsung galaxy s2 and i f…. hate it -.- but the HTC ONE M8 lokks awewome and great i wonna buy it 🙂 LOVE IT !

  12. Nice review. I am still worried about the non removable battery? If I get the M8 will it last 2 years? what is that battery life going to be after a year of use? Yesterday I was ready to order. Right now IDK? Well done  

  13. Two things I would change about this phone are
    1 on screen buttons
    2 the black bar at the botton with the htc logo , makes the phone look much bigger

  14. I really wish they would of added a changeable battery, but hey there's a SD SLOT NOW SO IM HAPPY. AND WILL NO DOUT GET ONE IN NXT FEW MONTHS..

  15. Kind of lost me with the camera being 4 megapixel like last year damn I take too many pictures to not have at least 8 or 13 pixels ooh well note 3 it is damn htc !!!!

  16. "they couldn't include a microSD slot into the HTC One last year because they were constricted by design"

    I call bullshit on that claim every time.

  17. The M8 looks amazing, hardware and software, I want one!!

    But then I see they are using the same 4MP camera as last year with a few tweaks and a depth of field sensor.

    Last years' camera was poor when viewing on PC, TV or the tab.

    Why, why HTC have you done this?

    Kudos on the sorting out release dates though.

  18. In this very special launch day episode of the Phone Show, we take an in-depth look at the brand new HTC One (M8) and the features it has to offer.

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