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  1. After being a loyal "iOS lifer" mostly cuz Google Play store "plays" with my security and privacy. Recently I bought the Wing (5 days ago) not to leave the iOS ecosystem and start a new with Android. I'm in way to deep so my new "iPhone 12 Pro Max Hyper Mega Super Plus Ultra" has a new friend to hang with because to me I like the LG brand but was sad that they recently announced that they will no longer be in the cell phone market. So naturally I bought it for the novelty collector piece to match all of my Sony crap that's collecting dust *…i.e. MiniDisk, PSP, PS-Vita… etc, only to name a few.
    But with the rant out of the way, I actually like the way LG put it together in both hardware and OS build , its not perfect but I've found a happy place for it in my life.

  2. This phone retails at around 350 USD these days in India. For this price it a cool deal..and I am buying this now ….and that's why I am here watching this video …. 🙂

  3. 2,000 cycles of use isn't that much. If you opened your phone 6 times a day you would cycle it over the certified amount in less than a year. I assume it's like a warranty type thing though.

  4. @ 6:55 I found it interesting that if you aren't actively interacting with the screen it might not update or refresh. It does that for SMS too? I think you were using Messenger, that's why I ask

  5. I loved this phone, but I am on my 2nd phone in 4 months and I have the same issue now with the 2nd phone as I did the first. The main screen goes green and fuzzy randomly which makes the phone useless. I can only use the baby screen and not all apps work on that screen. Don't buy this phone. I was afraid of the moving parts affecting it, and it does. Love the idea, but don't buy this phone. I think there is a design issue. The 2nd phone went bad after 5 weeks and VZ is giving me the run around now. Going back to Samsung.

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