Using Virtual Reality to Help Kids with Autism | Freethink Superhuman

Using Virtual Reality to Help Kids with Autism | Freethink Superhuman

When their child with autism fell in love with a virtual reality headset, this family developed a program to help train his brain. Today, their software is being tested …


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  1. Wow! Very cool video and great idea. I didn't know VR could make this great of an impact. Another great youtube video on this subject is 'Walking with Reality' on Planet Classroom Network. This short video is about a man who is in a wheelchair and people bring him the experience of VR.

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  3. When i clicked on this video i opened a can of Dr pepper and it made a fizz noise and then the music at the start also had that fizz noise so i thought my can was just continuously fizzing out

  4. I'm autistic and I'm always so apprehensive about the treatments for autism, because so many of them are focused more on making the kid ""normal"" rather than actually helping them cope and achieve their goals. So I gotta say: this was actually really great to see! Meeting people where they're at, helping them develop skills, listening to them, lots of AAC devices, trying to help them with the problems they find most concerning, and yea; the police interaction shit. Like police brutality against autistic people is a HUGE problem. I get hassled by cops and security guards all the time bc they think I'm on drugs.

    All of this to say: you've got this autistic's approval!!

  5. its sad they have to brainwash the autistic kids to be submissive and give up their rights to cops just because their parents are worried the cops will murder them like they do other mentally disabled people :/

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