Bitcoin ONE STEP Away From LAUNCH. Cardano BREAKOUT In The Making!

Bitcoin ONE STEP Away From LAUNCH. Cardano BREAKOUT In The Making!

Stake Your Cardano with my new ADA Pool! Ticker: CCV3 CCV3 pool id for delegation: 903c38e5905f1587d5ecf8c875a181725fb4b12b3eb06ce1d20bb1c6 …


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  1. )So they got Elon and Jack to say something positives to get bitcoin’s price up as both of them are losing money if the price keep falling. The bitcoin propaganda campaign is going to milk this video to extinction, but it’s not going to get the price past the 30’s range and if that price remains static it can even move into the 20-10’s for a very long time. Only people making money of bitcoin now is the day traders that are satisfied of making a couple of thousand every week. Investors are starting not believing those like Saylor that’s claiming prices of 100k and beyond, when the highest it ever got was 60k in 12 years. Telling people they can retire on bitcoin is a joke, when the price can and will drop so do your pension. Bitcoin is not a safe investment, it better for daily gambling.

  2. I firmly believe we wont see an uptrend till early to mid August going into September but of course just like everyone else here I am just speculating.

  3. I’m happy I’m followed my heart ❤️ not the wrong path suddenly I meet Intellectwebs on and he surprised me without no stress and disturbing am so happy

  4. I really don't understand your obsession with a coin barely above $1. I love your BTC analysis, but seriously Dan, there are so many other coins out there that are worth more money that you could be analyzing. ADA is just another shitcoin that people keep hyping, you might as well start doing DOGE analysis or XRP lol

  5. Thanks for the update. ADA has been life changing for my family and it is only the beginning. Have been building my stack for two years ❤️❤️

  6. Buy Decentraland (MANA). Its about to do an Axie Infinity, which will put it over $3. Decentraland Twitter followers have gone parabolic in recent weeks. Watch it closely.

  7. I think the the bears are hovering at resistance until they fill their short orders then the price will drop . Might be an idea to watch the level of shorts building as a clue for the downside break.

  8. Hey Dan, Recently started following you. I myself is big believer in Cardano.
    Love your content as you focus on Cardano TA specifically. That’s what I was looking for.
    To support your channel I recently started delegating to your CCV staking pool. Keep up the great work. God bless.

  9. GO POLYGON! More than just a sidechain… Optimistic Rollups, zk-rollups, data-availability chains, Polkadot-like substrates, standalone chains where teams can come and create their parachains that connect back to Ethereum.” Not to mention ETH 2.0 is only going to fix 64 percent of the scalability issue when the demand will be a 1000x of that! Whales always suppress the strongest first ?

  10. Brother you r one of three content creators whos opinion i trust without reservation. The others are CryptoSavy and CryptoNewton. I gain knowledge from your calm concise analysis and this has helped me avoid pitfalls. Thank you !

  11. Dan if u can answer this for me I know u see this question….when cardano goes into Alonzo and smart contracts, what if Bitcoin doesn't move ?

  12. If Bitcoin does not have big move than Cardano isn't going to do anything, will it ever be that other coins won't have to depend on Bitcoin?

  13. I regret getting any Cardano. It sounded like a good project but I should took into consideration that it’s been around for along time and it’s a real slow poke. Being in the crypto scene for a while now I see being a slow poke is not good. Love and learn

  14. love the channel and info but I think you need to move the 3rd green box to September that is when smart contracts and the summit is on the 27th I thank but love the info

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