Smartphone Awards 2020!

The Best of Smartphones in 2020! Show more for all links/phones 0:00 Intro 1:42 Best Big Smartphone 4:08 Best Compact Smartphone 6:18 Best Camera …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Watching this on a 12 pro max, I agree with most of the awards but I think the iPhone needed more of a refresh to get the camera reward

  2. i got a s20 fe for my dad a few days ago, havent watch marques in a few years now cause i havent been into tech as much. Happy i made the right choice.

  3. The budget phone catagory was the one were i have a problem with your judgement one plus Nord is the winner there but picking the iPhone se over it that's just bonkers.

  4. I just got the S20 FE for £350 brand new and was looking at some tips videos and saw this. Couldn't be happier with my choice of it being the best phone of 2020.

  5. pulled a trigger on this PHONE OF THE YEAR 2020 last evening for a STEAL price that i can't pass up ($377 shipped!) and can't wait!.. i've had my eye set on it for quite some time since it came out… coming from a OnePlus, finally jumping on to the Samsung ship!

  6. I am planning to buy S21 but after watching this video, i might go for S20 FE. ? No need to think twice, Marques already made the decision for me. Lol ?

  7. I love bluetooth headphones and speakers,, never ever used a headphone jack!! Hate the wires! With BT5 the quality of audio does not need jack anyway! “Out of principle”… Keeps you stuck in the middle ages my friend! That said, I do love and appreciate your work.

  8. Two disastrous calamities with all these phones. 1. They are too big. 2. They are too expensive. 3. No head phone jack. Anyone buying a smart phone paying more than $300 is a fanboy. Anyone watching this channel more than once in a Month is a tech geek.

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