Which iPhone 11 is best?

Which iPhone 11 is best?

Read more at – https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/best-iphone The Apple iPhone has gone from strength to strength in its 13 year existence. And In 2019 we …


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  1. my honest recommendation is the iphoneXr really has an amazing camera especially if you use it for instagram, when you change the effects it's really great, but the best thing for me is the screen! the phone is not even expensive i have it. just look at that information here https://amzn.to/39EKeo1

  2. Boycott apple phones…apple supports terrorists plain and simple. By refusing to unlock the Saudi Armand phone that is responsible for multiple murders of U.S. airmen at Pensacola naval station…apple wants you to know American lives don't matter …only apple profits !!!

  3. Of course the right iphone for everyone is the newest and most expensive models pro max line with 256GB. Cause we people are just rich like that. Yeah?

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