GTA 5 In Virtual Reality Is AWESOME

GTA 5 In Virtual Reality Is AWESOME

I check out Grand Theft Auto 5 in Virtual Reality using the Valve Index! Using this free GTA 5 mod from LukeRoss00 you can now fully play GTA 5 in VR. In this …


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  1. holy shit… when I was 15 yo, if I knew gaming like this would ever be possible, I would cry for days… amazing!

  2. I did everything exactly as instructed and I get a "script hook v critical error" when I attempt to start the game. Any suggestions?

  3. 2021 and this game is trerrible in VR on all headsets. Valve index terrible, Vive cosmos terrible, Rift S terrible, won't even try it on oculus quest 2. Played it on a Ryzen 3900x 32 gigs ddr4 ram 2080 super and it is just terrible.

  4. I dont know why but in game i can only see the map, gun selection etc but not the game itself i always get a Scripthook v error. Its just a black screen but on my monitor the game looks normal.

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