Pixel 6's Tensor Chip: Let's Talk!

A first look at Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, plus let’s talk Tensor! Android 12 Top 5 Features! https://youtu.be/FITTkh-kf6g MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Tech …


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  1. I think it could be all very nice if Google nails it like Apple did, but in-house developed chips are not always the better option. Looking at you Exynos <.<

  2. After Apple's M1 & A14 change in course, the big mfrs. need to make proprietary and more capable SOC's to stay in the party. I can sorta imagine a Tensor-equipped Chromebook running circles around anything Intel-powered (within the limits of Chrome).

    I see not just an advancement in the Google product genre, but also a winnowing out of phone mfrs who can't build around their own custom chip.

    Begs the (rhetorical) question: Will Google license Tensor in the future? Apple will surely never license M1. We know that Google already knows the answer, but we don't, and they ain't talkin'.

  3. How custom is this Google chip? So far Apple has been the only one using custom designed CPU cores. All others just use slightly tweaked versions of ARMs standard designs. I'm not aware of Google having an ARM architectural license so it seems they are doing what all the other Android chip makers are doing and that they will have performance to match.

    I also wouldn't expect much in terms of drastically better energy efficiency. At its core Android is open source. Huawei and Samsung which both had in house developed chips are or were able to modify Android to their hearts content and still didn't manage to get good battery life without huge batteries. Sure not all parts of Android are open source, but I don't think that the parts that aren't play a significant factor in determining battery life and performance.

    Moreover, large parts of Android are set in stone. So even if Google determined that the JVM isn't optimal for their devices or that Vulkan isn't a good fit for their style of GPU Android is too mature and Pixel phones don't have enough marketshare to do anything about it.

  4. I'm a bit disappointed that the P6 Pro has a curved front screen, rather than flat like on the regular P6. Curved glass is all form over function, and it's virtually impossible to get a good screen protector to cover it properly. But damn in the 4x telephoto lens doesn't intrigue me.

  5. I wish they’d stop making phones larger. I have very small hands for a dude and barely tolerate the size of my iPhone XS. I was planning on switching to Android after this bites the dust so long as the Pixel 6 is still about the same size as the 5. Guess that’s a thing of the past.

  6. I am a Google fan from the Nexus line….but got disappointed from all the hype of the Soli Chip in my current Pixel 4XL. Here we go again with a hyped up Tensor Chip. I will wait an see if this chip lives past 1 year and makes it to Pixel 7 before I bite.

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