The Most Insane Laptop Ever Built…

The Acer Predator 21x is the biggest, most powerful gaming laptop I’ve ever seen. It packs dual GTX 1080 graphics cards in SLI feeding a 21 inch, curved, …


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  1. Me who has a GTX 960M which is way more powerfull than GTX 1080:

    Edit: if its A GTX 1080 Ti,Super or Max Q it is way more powerfull than

  2. I would say anyone who bought this probably regrets it, but they're probably the type of people who don't care about flushing thousands of dollars down the toilet.

  3. What specifications does this laptop have, i.e. what disk capacity, how much RAM, how much vram memory, what graphics card, what megahertz processor has, and how much does a new laptop cost. Because I want to know. For a comment with information about this laptop gives you a comment like up

  4. I remember watching this about 2-3 years ago, and i'm like omg, this is crazy, but i just see this now and i'm like who was stupid enough to buy this, a GTX card, so no Ray Tracing, 7.8 gbs of vram for 9k, a RTX 3070 100watts laptop would destroy this laptop, that's even going too far, i bet a 2070 Super laptop would destroy this load of a laptop

  5. I can't really find the sector of this "Notebook". It has astronomical size, weight and paying so much for this "mobile" device, is nonsense to me…

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