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  1. I'm just having a tough time getting use to the Anti hero from what i can tell you play as but have to admit the charming humor is a very welcomed addition and the art style is pretty to look at.

  2. I saw a crapload of copies of Yaiba at Walmart today. I took a chance and bought a copy for $15.

    Got home and played it.

    CONCLUSION: Yaiba is alot more fun than I thought it would be. I already finished the game in one sitting and now gonna replay it again…this time on HARD mode!!!

  3. Ninja Gaiden on XBox was criticized as well for being hard and "arbitrarily punishing" but I played it on day one and love it still. Just don't expect all the games to be an interactive movie (just pressing some buttons to see the character act and then see the ending) games have to make you think critically to solve problems or in this case to execute some techniques.I think today anyone who can press a button on a controller is called a gamer, lol.

  4. I bought this game when it came out. Played and liked it. It's colorful, stylish and action-packed…until I made it up to Hayabusa…fighting Hayabusa, he IZUNA DROPPED me! I thought: "it'd be cool if Yaiba could do an Izuna drop." That's when I realized: "wait a second…the coolest signature move in the entire series…you can't do. Why am I fighting Hayabusa? Hayabusa is cool af. This is just wrong." Stopped the game. Sold it. It's not a bad game. It's…just not right. The idea of ripping body parts off and out of zombies to use as weapons is AWESOME, but…I missed the Lunar Staff, Talons, vigorian flail. Nun-chuckles, spinal zap, and hag pipes doesn't compare.

  5. I got this at gamestop for 6 bucks a couple months back and it was worth every penny…not the best but far from the worst…and if they can pull off this comic style cell shaded combat and make it mildly entertaining then why cant platinum games do this with the ninja turtles!?

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