Best Smartphone 2014: Top 10

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  1. I find it stupid that some of my friends buy and iphone and when I asked them why they well it looks nice and I'm just like what is a phone for? For being fancy and stuff or for having a good quality, like for me I would rather get a samsung s5 then an iPhone 5s or a samsung s6 edge/normal than an iPhone 6/6 plus, ps the quality of iPhone is as great as samsung but I littered broke every iphone I had idk why that happened

  2. iPhone 5s:8 Megapixel Camera
    Samsung Galaxy S5:16 Megapixel Camera
    iPhone 5s:1,440 mAh Battery
    Samsung Galaxy S5:2,800 mAh Battery
    Conclusion:iPhone needs to quit fucking with that old tech shit. S5 is the real MVP

  3. iphone 5s is the best no matter what…. the best should be count in term of durability too. For example iphones 5 years old of used is equivalent to android devices that is 5 months old.

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