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  1. Excellent phone for the average user . Other people don't use mobiles or want to lavish their salaries on Apple fodder for no good reason .

  2. Here are my dislikes:
    Lack of ability to continuously display the keyboard numeral row while typing letters.
    Very fragile rear cover. Two impact points from low level drops show glass like breakage patterns along with many radiating spider cracks.
    Very slippery rear cover resulting in more drops than from textured phones.
    Display runs too close to the edge resulting in unintentionally showing undesired functions.
    No mechanical home key.
    Home key and back key often disappear when in landscape position.
    I expected better after reading all the glowing reviews.

  3. 6 is the number of issues it comes with… one of them, turning itself off, randomly, in the pocket, during charging or a conversation… and not being able to turn it back on immediately, have to wait 10-30mins… 😐 wtf!

  4. Horrible review that doesn’t focus on call volume, email, etc. All this video does is try to emphasize the flaws because it’s not a high end phone…SO WHAT???!! We ALREADY know that!

  5. Don't mind this phone but the ring sound comes out of the same speaker that you listen to when talking, when you have the phone in your pocket the speaker is flat up against your leg and you cant hear it.

  6. please tell me, which app to use for recording Video calls with audio. I tried many screen recording apps, but as you kno that there is only 1 speaker for both calls and multimedia, no app is able to record audio of the video call.
    Please help me

  7. DO NOT BUY !!! This piece of shit is factory faulty and resets all the time!! it can take anywhere bvetween 5 – 30 min just to be able to send a text from it again. !! cant rely on it. Ive had the misfortune of using it for 4 months, never again motorolla. broken software pushed out to the market.

  8. the iphone 6, 6s, and 7 are all the same price and much better. they have a sleeker feel, and have the benefits of an iphone, imessage, and facetime

  9. Thanks for pointing out the most obvious things possible. It's good, but not the best. It's fast, but not the fastest…etc. ??

  10. i got this when my 5 plus go crushed by a reclining chair. i have to say i liked my 5 plus a lot better. snap chat crashes all the time. the thing i like about it is when i watch YouTube i can also text people or do anything else at the same time. i bought this thing for like 250 but it just feels a bit slow and and again snap chat crashes all the time and ive lost alot of memorable moments from phone freezing and then crashing. Im going to be buying a i phone 6s from a friend for cheap because i dont use my phone that much and every moto i've had have just had problems. wouldn't recommend but i would the 5.

  11. Had this phone for 3 days and my 1st drop the "sLeEk" back desgin completely shattered. Lol so plz get order your case 1st SMH.

  12. What I discovered on the Moto G5 andere G6 is that the camera and camera software is really good! Ok can toch great fast shutter pictures with this phone 🙂

  13. This is going to be my next phone. Going to get the 4GB 64GB storage. I have a G5 and for the price they are great phones. Love the features you can do with the fingerprint reader and love the karate chop turn torch on / off. I only play GPS location games on my phone cos I like to go out and explore instead of sat on my rear end at home.

  14. i rly hate the motorola shortcuts, they never work when they need to work and always work when they don't need to (draining battery from torch)

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