Should you play Persona 5 Royal? | ESPN Esports

Should you play Persona 5 Royal? | ESPN Esports

Persona 5 Royal is an expanded re-release of Persona 5 launching on March 31st. The game introduces many new gameplay and story features not present in …


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  1. When I saw ESPN Esports I was skeptical, but this was actually a fantastic review. Even better it was a great explanation and introduction to the game for people who are unfamiliar with Persona 5. Well done!

  2. Remember when the president of ESPN and countless casters ridiculed games said they weren’t sports and ridiculed the idea of them being watched? Trying to brush that under the rug and become IGN now I see

  3. ESPN Covering Persona 5.
    Persona 5 is a big game, spawning across different media.
    Disney is a big company, owning about 80% of the world.
    ESPN is owned by Disney.
    Disney has a streaming service, Disney+.
    Disney+ features some Teen content.
    Disney+ has its own original shows and movies not related to Disney properties…

  4. Personally i think 30+ hours of brand new content and overhauled mechanics throughout the old stuff justifies buying p5r even after having played through the original 3 times, even with the 60 dollar price tag.

  5. Man, I LOVED the original P5, and I really want to play this but at the same time, I don't want to spend 60 bucks for what is basically an expansion and a gameplay-tuning patch.

  6. ESPN x Persona….this was the crossover I never saw coming.
    Also real talk, this is a great video to introduce Persona to newcomers/the uninitiated. & it's really well-made too!

  7. I don’t know ….10$~ for persona 5 or 60$ for persona 5 extra. I dont know which one i should start. Im interested as i saw some vids of it.

  8. When ESPN is so lacking in sports content that it actually pours resources into breaking down and promoting a single player JRPG social sim game. I never thought I'd see the day, but then again I don't hate it and video itself was pretty well done.

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