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  1. This is a great drone, but we had an accident with it. Does anyone know where can I get a replacement gear? I've seen a couple of gears on Amazon, but I want to make sure I can replace it with the correct one, or at least a generic part that works.

  2. I'm sitting here reading all the comments on the D25 Drone, I find it for the money it"s pretty dam good, Most of you probably didn"t read the instructions..the camera is surprising good too…For a start out drone i would say , not a bad deal..

  3. Big. Like #10 , nice flight review it plays great especially in a little wind fantastic video bro you did an excellent job on it and that's very kind of Bryan he is definitely a great guy enjoy the video bro. Thank you for sharing take care and I'll see you soon be safe and happy flying my friend

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