A month with the Huawei P20 Pro – long term review

The Huawei P20 Pro is the first mainstream smartphone to pack three cameras – and that’s cool, but it was the full package that made the phone so good when …


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  1. Sent mine back as had so many problems with video compatibility with video stories on Instagram. If it wasn't for that I'd of kept the phone but as I do a lot of video stories was an issue for me.

  2. Just upgraded my Samsung S7 to P20 Pro, and was a little nervous due to mix of reviews. I wanted something different, and was impressed by the camera reviews which was why I had been pleased with my S7 too.
    Your review was very good and unbiased which is very helpful. I was impressed by the normal speak, by that I mean a lack of jargon, which helped me check what I now know about my phone and what you have recommended.
    I'm a week into owning this and have not been disappointed as it does everything I need, and is very customisable.
    Thanks for your review.

  3. Costs the same as the OP 6T in Germany right now. I love the camera on the p20 and the large battery. Yet I prefer the 6Ts software. Which one would you recommend?

  4. Ok, I'm really not young at all people! I'm 63 so haven't grown up in smart phone' world. I bought this phone yesterday, ive only really owned old phones and cast offs! I can honestly say, as a complete novice, this phone has already blown me away with the things it can do. I thought it would take me ages, and lots of 'lessons' from my way more knowledgeable son to even text, buts it's so easy!! It's user friendly, and I'm so excited about learning all the things it can do. This phone has wide appeal. Even us dinosaurs can use it! Thank you for this review. Huawei P20 Pro ??

  5. I broke my google pixel 2 (luckily it was insured) so now I have to replace it. Not sure if I should get a new pixel 2, wait for the pixel 3 to arrive in Norway or get a P20 Pro. I like the size of the pixel 2 as it fits my hand really well. But I'm very impressed with the P20 Pro camera. Any suggestions?

  6. There’s this thing that youtubers do that drives me batty which is that as they get to the end of a sentence they slow down and then emphasize the last few words. Maybe once or twice would be ok but’s just way too often. Please stop this and be original. Speak normally. Good info but drop the affectation it’s distracting, to me anyway.

  7. Why buy this phone? Lower resolution screen, no optical image stabilisation at 4K or 60 FPS, not durable, older Kirin 970 processor, no wireless charging and yet it costs the same as the 8+ and a little less than the S9+. It is cheaper on contract though.

  8. The only flaws I can see with this phone is the headphone jack, no expandable storage, and wireless charging. With those 3 things, this phone would be my view of a perfect smartphone.

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