Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S: Which is better?

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S: Which is better?

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S – how do these archrivals compare? Here’s our head-to-head specs comparison. Subscribe to TechRadar: …


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  1. Everyone has their own choice but for me i can't get on with the Galaxy S5 and it's android quirks so i'm hopping over to the iPhone 5S. I Chose the Galaxy S5 originally for its replaceable battery, decent camera, bigger better screen and ability to add a wireless charger cover to it. In reality after 6 months of use i've come to find Android 5.0.2 Lollipop lags badly, freezes, camera randomly takes 5 or 6 seconds to open, screenshots are 'hit or miss' and end up locking phone accidently, gallery can lag and freeze, battery consumption is much quicker, the screen is all but impossible to view in sunlight even set to its max brightness, the micro usb port at bottom is a PITA to keep removing the waterproof flap, private mode(hide ur photos etc) randomly doesn't disable when it should as u lock the phone so unlock it and photos are still viewable(android quirk), fingerprint scanner VERY annoying in it's function, multiple tries, and so on. My experience with apple phones is that they don't suffer anywhere near as many quirks as android(you shouldn't have to routinely boot into recovery to wipe the cache just to cure issues with android os), and the iphone's camera takes better pics and in use is much more snappy and reliable than the Galaxy S5's 16MP camera too. 
    No i'm not a fan of apple, i just want a phone that works how it's supposed to, which is what iphones i've owned do.

  2. I think the Galaxy is better because of customization. Android actually lets you freely customize your phone. Like interface, icons, and for music they don't care where it comes from. And its so easy to change your storage amount. On iPhone you can't do that, and if you wanna customize, you better have a jailbreak ready.

  3. techradar r u serious comparing this loser girly shit phone to the s5 s5 blows it out of this world sorry apple but still same thing with iphone 6 even the s3 is better than the iphone 5s and s4 is even better than iphone 6 cant even beat s5 predeccessors apple u suck

  4. I honestly think Apple is better because their phones are simple and easy to get use to. Also, I think the other "top" brands know they aren't as good as Apple because they're commercials are all about saying Apple copied them while Apple simply show the features of the phone. They know they're on top and don't need a comparison to show it?

  5. he said the samsung galaxys fingerprint scanner wasnt as accurate meanwhile you can unlock the 5s with your penis and you cant even switch fingers on the s5

  6. I like the iphone touch and shit but not the way it works like when moviing tunes or pics through itunes oh yeah and no bluetooth but one thing I hate about samsung is the little lags and not that much a of a slick looking phone. Guess these basterds wont give you the best of both worlds

  7. I have both. Apple is a much better phone. Forgot the design. Touch wiz is terrible. Lag lag lag. Just open up the apps. Scroll Facebook. Over saturated colors. Sorry but apple is so smooth. Photos are great.

  8. The iPhone is really not that great. Yeah it may open some apps faster but…..ok its not even that much of a difference. Its just a phone that gets sells because its a trend for teenagers for some strange reason just like jordan shoes. If you want a real phone go android. Android don't limit you where as on iPhone/IOS you would have to jailbreak it to unlock features that were on android right out of the box.

  9. I seriously proffer the Samsung range than the apple range. Right now I am suffering typing on this horrible iPhone 5s it is so tiny. But on the other hand my Samsung is so much more bigger and so much more vibrant.
    The only thing with samsung they did not create something like Face Time, I simply use it all the time to call my iPad mini.
    But I always sync my Samsung with my gear 2 with I simply find amazing! But in my opinion Samsung is so much more better than apple.
    The iPhone 6 I doubt it would be any better than the iPhone 5s which I use on some occasions. My reason for this is because have you seen much differences from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 then to the iPhone 5s & 5c. In my opinion no and I would say everyone in my year of school. Everyone has the Samsung galaxy s or note range in my school and neighbourhood.
    All together the samsung is so cheap it is only £576, which is incredibly cheep.

  10. If you look at the costs of the craftsmanship of the S5 you will see that it is not chepaly made ! Its more expensive than any iPhones. Apple puts some Metal on their phones as a selling argument. If the iPhone was plastic nobody would put a finger on it today. Samsung is building for comfortability and grip as well as for durability in the S5's body. Not for the illusion of worthiness. And some people maybe don't get fooled and know that Apple is still behind other competitors in software and size. Your statement that Apples devices are better because of metal i rediculous!

  11. on paper the s5 is better, but in reality, the water proof is pretty cool,only the power saving feature and the video quality are better,samsung just copy other companies, i feel as  if they cant invent anything on their own, samsung make  great adverts, they deceive people, you are being deceived when you buy an android device, 2.5ghz processor vs a 1.3, and wheres the difference? Samsung are just numbers, plus 2.5ghz? overkill…, whats the point? they are identical when you use them, its why i prefer apple, they are more professional and true
    to people who say the note 3 is better, the iphone is faster, i compared mine to my cousin who works in the phone business
    the ipad air is also faster, seriously what you blabbing on about?

  12. I use to have a iPhone and I hate it. The battery sucks and it doesn't last at all. With the iPhone you have to buy pretty much ever thing on it music, games, etc. With the samsung you don't have to buy 90% of the apps and music. You have more freedom with it. I am very happy with my samsung s5 and my family is too. So what ever the iPhone 6 turns out to be its going to be a fail like the rest of them.

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