INDIA IN 360 Virtual Reality | Royal Rajasthan Travel Video

INDIA IN 360 Virtual Reality | Royal Rajasthan Travel Video

Travel with us to Rajasthan India in Virtual Reality with a 360 VR video tour through Royal Rajasthan, most colorful corner of India. SUBSCRIBE …


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  4. Hi. My name is Ana and we are from the travel channel of ZapatillasPorElMundo. Right now we just published our collection of videos from India and I was looking at material from other colleagues … that's why I gave with your channel and here I stay.
    I invite you to know India through our eyes.
    Greetings travelers


    Hola. Mi nombre es Ana y somos del canal de viajes de ZapatillasPorElMundo. Justo ahora acabamos de publicar nuestra colección de vídeos de India y estaba mirando material de otros compañeros… por eso dí con tu canal y por aquí me quedo.
    Te invito a conocer India a través de nuestra mirada.
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  5. This 360 video is awesome. Well done. I'm viewing in my Vive with the Youtube app. Keep these coming, even if the audience is small for now. Can you add a 360 playlist to your channel?

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  7. Hey brothers, you have made a fantastic video. Now I'm addicted to this video. I watched it several times. Thank you so much. Please come to India again.?

  8. My first ever YouTube comment but this is worth it! You guys should check out North-East India as a travel destination. Geographically cut off and a lesser known part of the country, all 8 states of the region have insanely unique experiences to offer. A few stand outs would Be Zuko Valley in Nagaland, Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh (Indo-China boarder), The Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya and so much more. Also I’d be glad to hook you guys up with food, stay, transport and everything else you’d need!

  9. I’m loving your video series of INDIA it’s making me nostalgic for it. I loved Rajastan!!! Keep them coming. Hoping to see one on Karnartica. From S.F USA

  10. One of the better 360 videos out there, so well done guys! Keep flying the flag for 360 videos as when they are done well they are awesome.I'm sure you'll have so many unique places to show people.

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