iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6: How will they be different?

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6: How will they be different?

The iPhone 6 is due later this year and we can’t wait to see what Apple has been cooking up. But will we see a significant step up from the iPhone 5, or will we …


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  1. So theirs not much difference between 5s and 6(other than the size/look) at the moment? I thought they said the same thing about the 5s? I like the iPhone(I've had one since it's launch) but I'm getting tired of having to pay for a new phone every year. It's getting old. Just my Opinion but I can't use a droid phone. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to use it? Or maybe I'm so used to iPhone I just don't get the OS of the other phones?

  2. I have nearly used up my 64GB on my iPod touch lots of apps, games, photos, music, podcasts, FaceTime, iMessage, Game Center, Notes, Reminders and everything I'm getting a 128GB iPad mini 2 in less than 2weeks got a bad iPad 2 32GB got 100MB left on it and 5.1GB left on my iPod touch can't afford a 64GB iPhone in Australia got a 4S

  3. Apple Promised to have 128GB on the iPhone 5S and a 12MP Camera and hopefully they do a 96GB and a 128GB and take out the 16GB model

  4. @Greg Epkes In what world is 640p HD? It only has a 326ppi display. At much lower prices, you can get a 5" 720p display. Other flagships are at 400+ppi and 1080p. get your facts straight

  5. all they need to do is get bigger battery maybe make the screen like 4.2' not to big of an increase as thats why i like iphones is because they are able to fit in my pocket lol, def make it an hd screen , and then just more megapixels in the camera and bam, oh yeah and the case is nice and all with aluminum but make it cooled metal ohh gawd thats sexy

  6. You dopes… There was never going to be an iPhone 6 this fall… 5s was obviously next to be rolled out. Are you all to young to have seen the pattern? 3, 3s, 4, 4s, 5, 5s…

  7. Really! 6! Really so apple made every one spent there money and NOW Y'ALL want to spend more! Really smh! I am disappointed! Real!

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