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  1. Hey! Sorry if the audio isn't quite up to scratch but we've been having to record without our normal studio equipment since lockdown and that coupled with a sore throat at the moment will probably help explain the subdued result haha. Hope you've found the review helpful and would love to know how you've been finding the game. Thanks! – Simon.

  2. They should have done 3 preds vs 8 humans mode just like in the movie 2010 Predators movie. This would have shaved time off of their Pred wait time and even give them a new map.
    Also, this game seriously needs some Xenomorphs. They had this Multiplayer perfect in AVP 2000.

  3. fun fact, the lead designer for this game is none other than Jordan Mathewson, aka the former youtuber Kootra the former head of the group that was known as the Creatures

  4. Had my doubts bought this yesterday £17 ps store atm, damn I’m surprised it’s so addictive it’s a really genuinely fun game nothing like the Friday the 13th…

  5. This Game has had various update is now bug Free dual modes here new players characters weapons is and Should be changed to 9/10 'if you know how to play' this is not COD guys buy requires Skill and the graphics are excellent on a high end PC Gameplay great 8/10

  6. Yeah, your voice is terrible…why even bother making the video? Can barely understand you at all. This is probably the worst review I have ever seen…oh nevermind it is IGN….

  7. You must all be suffering with Tinnitus, I heard the guy fine. Unless regular IGN reviews just scream down the Microphone? I don’t watch IGN reviews that much as I’ve heard they can be overly harsh.

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