Syma X8C Big Size Outdoor Radio Control Quadcopter with Camera

Syma X8C Big Size Outdoor Radio Control Quadcopter with Camera

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  1. hii. i want to ask… if i fly it more than 100 meter and it discconect from the remote controle…. what happen next? will it fall down or keep flying ??? can i push the return to home botton to make it came back? i want to fly it in the sea. so i am afraid it will fall to the water… i want to send a bait for fishing with it ! and fly it back to me.

  2. Thank you for the video… question, have you tried put 2 battery together to see if you have more minutes flying the drone????? I'm new with the drones and I ordered two from my children's and I was worry about the battery 7 to 10, that too short and I was thinking to put two battery together to see if that works

  3. I have this quadcopter and I only flies for 3-4 minutes after a full charge from new ,could I put a lipo 11.5v battery in it or will it burn out ?

  4. Salam bro,I'm from Singapore can you make a video on how to use the X8W syma controller tutorial.It looks awesome when you play!! I hope you reply to me soon!

  5. @alishanmao Hello, i am loking for a drone, to be more especific this one, i see it flies very nice indoor and outdoor but i have a question, the camera that comes in the box is good or it has a bad quality, i have seen in the outdoor test you put a different camera, is it heavy? What is it's name? And finally how long can you be flying? And do i need extra bateries or something? Thanks :))

  6. how can a quad that cost £70 compare to a DJI Phantom that cost £500 you idiot, ill give it too you it looks like one, but thats it, and if youve only flown it indoors at the time you made this, how can you call it a failed attempt at anything, this quad happens to fly extremely well and can carry a gopro easily, dont forget its cost £70, its great value for money, if they put brushless motors on it it would cost considerably more, also this quad is made to carry a camera, its not going to dart around and have steep angles of attack as you put it..its not for doing stunts, and definitely not for a begginer… if your going to do these reveiw videos, then do it properly, and you wont waste everyones time..

  7. Nice demo.  I also have an X8C and found that on low rate it will struggle to fly in any sort of wind.  On high rate, It will fly in wind up to 11 MPH ( I have a few vids posted).  Once you get it up in the air it is very stable but the camera is rubbish.  My X5C-1 will cut through and 11 MPH wind on low rate!

  8. just wondering, where do u get the spinning disc showcase for the quadcopter on the right handside of the screen and what's it called?

  9. G'day Spring Chicken;-) Tell me, how do you expect me to pay attention to x8c when you have that beautiful 330 spinning around in my face? 😉

  10. I've been flying the same white one for 2 weeks now and it's a smooth stable camera bird that can lift some weight and still move pretty fast for a toy-grade quad. The geared brushed motors are unfortunate, but understandable for the price. The 2mp un-dampened camera is crap (comes from the X5c), but people will just replace it with a better gopro or mobius anyways. And no, the props aren't balanced out of the box. Balancing removed a lot of the jello effect. I haven't tried headless mode, but I don't want to become addicted to it the way I'm used to flying in mode 4, which Syma calls mode 2…

  11. LOL, Tutti Frutti controller. It is tacky for sure, or just plain ugly. Maybe the weather will clear up for a good outdoor test flight and review. Are you able to acquire  a 3D Robotics Solo for a review? I'm very interested in the new pixhawk 2 flight controller and the HD FPV camera.  It would be an expensive purchase for me and I am trying to get as many proffessional unbiased opinions as possible.By the way I am a Christian and I just wanted to say that the Muslim prayer at the beging of your videos is very beautiful. Do you start your day with this prayer?

  12. Love the spinning quad on our table, it's a nice touch.
    Offtopic: If you ever have the time could you check out the Juncheng 3015, I have already bought it just wanted to hear what you think about it

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