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  1. Everyone ignores DLCs or they don't know anything about it. If you want to finish the game 100% and unlock all skill maps, you have to buy the ultimate version of the game. Outfit dlc doesn't just contain clothes

  2. Say what you will about IGN, but they never forcibly push their reviews over the 10 minute mark with worthless fluff like so many other channels do. Props to IGN for that

  3. There is pendamic and civil war going on in my country. People are dying left and right here and may be because of that this game is drawing my very own soul. 10/10

  4. Still don't understand why Symphonia is held up as some sort of standard for this series. Honestly its kinda overrated and there are better tales of games out there aka Vesperia

  5. Recently moved outta my parents house but left the PS4 for them. Kinda bummed this isn’t on switch but at least Tales of Vesperia is like 80% off for me! Tales of Xillia was my first

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