Aragami 2 Review

Aragami 2 Review

Aragami 2 reviewed by Kyle Campbell on PC. Also available on PlayStation and Xbox. For everything Aragami 2 gets right about being a sneaky ninja assassin, …


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  1. Yet Psychonauts 2 which has terrible framepacing on PC (even Steam version) got a 9? Double Fine is a much bigger studio than this one but they easily get a slack as they are owned by M$. Still waiting on the patch they promised to fix the stutters. Running a ps2 looking remastered game on a 3080 with these stutters is simply off the charts

  2. Is there anything ign doesn’t bash like the game was made by a smaller company, it’s not a triple A title nor even a full price game it will have bugs and some hiccups.

  3. It would have been better had it been a 5-6 hr game. Sometimes less is more. Look at AC Valhalla, had that been a focused 40-50 hr experience to 100% everything it would've been a much better game. Mindless repetition and bloat without purpose ruin a lot of games.

  4. Come on is Aragami 2 really that bad to you guys that you have to give a bad review score of 5. This is coming from them for giving them a 10 score on DeathLoop. This shows that you guys are bad at reviewing games.

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