Lost Judgment Review

Lost Judgment Review

Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Xbox Series X. Also available on PlayStation. “Despite its intriguing whodunnit premise, Lost Judgment’s main story fails to …


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  1. Is this comment section here to listen to the reviewer's review or validate their pre conceived opinion?
    People were happy at deathloop and tales arise review and ign bashing ea's sports title.
    This particular reviewer might have not liked it and clearly mentioned all his point of views, listen to them.

  2. Even though the Judgment games have some issues, I’m just glad they exist as they’re keeping the old Yakuza brawling combat around.

  3. This game is great,if you don't wanna spend 60$ you can wait for it to be on a sale or play another Yakuza related game like yakuza 0 so you can decide if you really wanna buy this game. But no matter wish one you pick it'll be a great and different experience.

  4. Deathloop was dishonored 3 10/10 lost Judgment improves on all things from the first game ign 7/10 you can't believe these guys

  5. Aside the score, let's not pretend we didn't learn that the main actor's "talent agency" is preventing this game being ported to PC.

    Perhaps they should've worried about the quality of the product before preventing it from reaching its fullest potential.

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