FIFA 22: Things That Actually Make a Difference

FIFA 22: Things That Actually Make a Difference

With Fifa 22 soon to be released, our very own Simon Cardy is left wondering, what’s new in FIFA 22? And more importantly, what’s actually going to make a …


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  1. EA should be ashamed of themselves for peddling such poor quality year on year. Anyone – ANYONE in the games industry who massages their ego isn’t a gamer

  2. Things that actually make a difference : NOTHING

    The whole video sounds like a statement from EA rather than a reviewer who has actually played the game and can tell you what works and what doesn't.

  3. Nothing will change will be the same old coding bugs game. NO support from AI controlled players for sure they will not make runs at all and this so called hyper motion will only help AI if you playing offline game modes, user's team player will be dumb as all previous versions for sure. EA posted a video about FIFA 22 gameplay and they are still doing ice skating.

  4. why don't they release the new GEN for PC
    FIFA on PC every year be like the same game except the price
    On my opinion its a biggest L for PC players without the New GEN 🙁

  5. the diffrence game have demo this year so if you buying pre ordering without trying demo dont write micro things and no diffrence comments. also the battlefront 2 was not have microtrancations it was battlepacks like battlefiends all of you morons including reviewrs like igns overreacted the game. which game will 3 year support free dlc like battlefront 2 no one.

  6. Launching a budget version for current gen consoles without any tech reason to do that: here you go something that make a difference, the difference about EAs total focus on our money.

  7. For PC gamers, nothing will be different. They'll be lucky if they get a new cut scene of a player sitting in the dressing room. On a toilet.

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