Let's Talk New iPhone 13 Models

In this clip Marques and Andrew go over all of the new iPhone models that were finally announced at the September 2021 event! Links: https://twitter.com/wvfrm …


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  1. im telling you many people are going to be like “the pro is so much faster” when referring to the refresh rate of the phone

    EDIT: I just got to the part in the video where they are talking about speed

  2. Let’s be clear. Reviewers like MKBHD are the reason they never made a Pro Mini. The audience exists. The 6’5” reviewers refuse to be reviewers for all.

  3. I have a note 20 ultra and my wife has a 12 pro max. She can't see the difference in the 120hz. She don't get what I'm talking about. Lol but maybe she'll see now. They will see the greater side now!

  4. Even though I have an iPad pro I will probably go with the "basic" iphone13.. I do not care about 120hz while scrolling some pages… I was expecting USB C instead!

  5. There is no major improvement from 12 but the thing is I don’t have 12 or 11 and it makes a huge difference for me to own a 13. The thing that nailed it was the 120 Hz display combined with better battery and 1 TB which makes a huge difference. Camera is a plus to have improvements. But display, space and battery is what killed it for me. Its a big deal.

  6. Everyone picks on the 12 mini for battery life, I get a little under 6 hours of screen time on mine, still at 100% battery health after 7 months of use. The battery life is more than serviceable although it’s obviously not a 2 day phone.

  7. If only pros had the design of regular iphone/mini, would have bought pro. So i just bought a regular iphone13! Like 12, 13 Pros' stainless Edge are disappointing

  8. What I've noticed is that a lot of long time android fans are leaving for this iphone and I think I'm finally ready to own my first iphone. All the reasons to be team android aren't there anymore. When it came to the initial versions, the android phones were leagues ahead of the iPhones but now whatever phone you get will deliver a powerhouse of specs. I first bought an iPad a few years back followed by the airpods and I was blown away by how superior those products were to their competitors. Spec wise android is better but the apple ecosystem and imessage were really the final push

  9. Im a competitive PUBGM player, been using the XS max for 3 years now… I CANNOT WAIT for my 13 Pro Max to arrive…. that 120Hz will be a game changer!!!

  10. I had rog phone 3 last year with 144hz refreshing screen. I may consider iphone 13 only because of it’s processor. However i am still using my phone x for most things i need and it is enough. Most people do not need phones above x or 11 because they got soo many features that people do not simply need. Iphone 13 with 120 hz and fast processing power will nevet be utilized unless you like playing games on phone. I think apple should release gaming phone apart from other versions so they could attract another group of people. About iphones, the new ones are cool but you do not need it , only if you are playing heavy games such as genshin impact. This is where you may notice differences. While playing games you use your hands and fingers constantly and you are interacting with graphics dynamically changing. If you ever played fortnite on ios you will understand differences between 30-60-90-120 fps and this is where you get advantages. When playing games on 30 fps you feel like the game characters are not responding to your actions as fast and as result you are losing to other players because you do not have the power over controlling your character motions as fast. When you play games on 120 fps you are really enjoying it alot and this is your advantage over other players. You won’t enjoy it as much while scrolling facebook or watching youtube because it makes not much difference while watching. I hope to see a gaming version of iphone 14 or 15 so i will buy it without hesitation.
    Btw you can not play fortnite on ios any more but therr are many good games such as genshin impact or wild rift.

  11. I upgraded from the 6s plus last year to the 12 pro max. I’m pretty sure the 6s could’ve have lasted longer but I couldn’t wait to upgrade the battery life. Can’t wait to see how long my 12 will last 🙂

  12. high refresh rates on phones is such a waste imo, it drains more battery, is it really worth it just for scrolling? scrolling at 60 feels pretty smooth too, i have a 144hz phone and always use it at 60, most games dont even run at 120 hz… i never game on my phone anyways, the only reason 120hz is good is for competitive gaming…

  13. I am going to upgrade from the XS Max to the 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue, will get in on the 24th and cannot wait, I am soo excited for it to finally arrive. I really love the color and the 120 Hz will be awesome too

  14. They should give us an option to turn it off in to save battery, or it should turn on automatically when low battery mode is enabled.

  15. I’m glad the Pro & Pro Max don’t have any key differences besides size. I’m kind of excited to have a smaller phone this time around.

  16. 7:40 you mentioned all of the phone getting that big sensor from the iPhone 12 pro max which had 1.7micron you're a bit wrong there
    13pro and 13pro max gets even bigger sensor which has 1.9Micron and also f/1.5 aperture

  17. Honestly, i have an iPad pro, and a 12pro, (13pro preordered) honestly i can't really tell much if a difference between the 120 and 60hz. It might feel snappier. What will make a difference is animation speeds. My favorite thing about android, and jailbroken iPhone's, is shortening animation speeds. Holy shit it makes using it so god damn fast. That with the 120hz would be so damn nuts. But yea even playing Journey on iPhone, and then on iPad at 120hz, i don't think i can see a difference. 30 and 60? Huge difference. But idk haha

  18. I'm going to wait for the Pixel 6 but if it doesn't wow me I will switch back to iphone just for the 13 mini. I miss small phones and the best phone I've had in terms of feel was the iphone 5. (my last iphone i had)

  19. It’s worth 200$ for sure I haven’t felt 120hz on a phone but Ik it would feel smooth asf my pc monitor is 240 hz and I use to play on ps4 and it’s a day and night difference compared to 60hz

  20. Shocking. Minor upgrades to every model. And people are dropping their 1K iPhone 12s to get this…..


    Sidenote. GF had 12 pro max and it was a PIG. So fucking heavy its unreal.

  21. I dont think its that important, I have it on my iPad Pro and would happily downgrade to a cheaper iPad, that didn't have it, if it still had FaceID… I get that Marques is all about it, when his job involves pixel peeping but the 60hz displays on the iPhone in no way feel slow, its a non issue for most people.

  22. as a gamer with a 165Hz display, its nice for competitive gaming…. But if you are just doing everyday things with a phone, there is no need at all for it. I use my phone mainly as a phone and music player mainly. Sometimes chat on Discord. Outside of gaming it makes no sense. I dont game on mobile, I have a PC for that

  23. Perceived motion vs. smoothness of motion. We can generally agree that 24Hz and up, human will perceive motion. And the higher Hz, the smoother the motion. But there must be an upper limit when we can't feel any smoother. I do not know the exact number tho.

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