Overwatch League Power Rankings season 2 through week 2 | ESPN Esports

Overwatch League Power Rankings season 2 through week 2 | ESPN Esports

Xander Torres joins ESPN’s Darin Kwilinski to take an early look at which teams are on top of the power rankings leaderboard for Overwatch League season 2.


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  1. I enjoy 3/3 bc i have carpal tunnel. Enjoying lower mechanical skill in exchange for reward for higher game sense. Once 3/3 goes I'll probs play in my lower ranked alt for a while

  2. This guy has no idea what he is talking about, Tobi was one of the top support players in the OWL last season. Jecse hasn’t been doing near as well as Tobi did. And Sombra doesn’t counter GOATS, Sombra can play in GOATS, she just replaces the Dva and can play well against Zen GOATS.

  3. Is…. this actual ESPN content? Or affiliated? Jesus christ the production quality is awful. It's like you guys aren't even trying.
    Edit: holy shit you guys are clueless about goats. Paris is so good because they all come from EU, and right now the goats there is the best in the world since they've played it for longer than anyone. It's pretty widely thought that if Eagle Gaming played any Overwatch League team it'd be a 4-0 as of now.

  4. Ok the power rankings make some sense for the most part (the only exception being the dynasty and although I am a reign fan I don’t think they are top five quite just yet) but this guy seems to not know what he talks about and he does not present these ranking very well. To me this looks like some random two guys decided to make an esports channel without knowing anything about them and then claimed to be espn to get attention. Man I wish that was true.

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