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  1. Interesting to see iphones still suffer from aberrations in certain light conditions , it also appears at times there is still white balance flicker that was also noticeable on the 11 and 12 models.

  2. I've had my iPhone 8 since the year apple stopped selling it and while it works ok it's starting to lose charger quicker than it's getting it and going from 100 – 0 unexpectedly and my iPhone 5 did the same thing before I got my 8 so I honestly have no clue how much longer my iPhone 8 will be as “useable” as I like because I spend the best part of 8 hours most days on my phone

  3. What about the horrible green reflections & flares which almost plagued the so called computational photography last year! Does the same legacy continue or Did Apple take a lesson from a camera centric phone vivo x70 pro plus available in half of its price!! I guess they haven't! It's a shame…that most of the android phones have successfully achieved it whereas Apple hasn't yet! So disappointed!!

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