Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review

With its elegantly simple combat and beautiful world, Kena: Bridge of Spirits harkens back to the days of the N64/GameCube-era Zeldas, Okami, and Star Fox …


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  1. Sony should buy this dev and let them do what they want with unlimited budget. If they can make the next Kena Title an AAA game it'll be a great Icon for sony, Like Zelda for Nintendo

  2. IGN give Deathloop 10 and this 8? Why have all the PlayStation reviews in IGN seemed like they were trying to lowball? You also gave R&C one of the lower scores…. and your very visible closeness to Phil Spencer and your workers tweets about Gamepass really make these things look very suspicious.

  3. Very much a prototype game to test the waters as coming from animation to game development is not as easy as people might think. Great first attempt though should attract big time funding, Microsoft should buy them before Sony does.

  4. This felt like a roller coaster review of "This game is great here……but then not so great here……but great here!" Either way, it looks fantastic and I'll be picking this up over the weekend.

  5. The reviewer’s issues with the “simplicity” of combat perhaps needs to be measured against the fact that this is a game that is meant to be accessible to everyone from adults to younger kids. I’m two hours in and the developers did a great job with this balance. It really is something the family can enjoy. Don’t even get me started on the epic musical score…so beautiful.

  6. Bland story telling, yet better than 100% zelda games. Here, said it, all zelda have the shittiest and most boring stories except majoras mask and even worse their opening tutorial is a curse to their replayability.

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