OnePlus Watch Review: They Settled!

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  1. You should have first mentioned that is IS NOT a Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatch.
    It is not running Android, or any other actually smart OS.
    It is just a basic smart band modeled as a watch.

  2. I don't like that you knocked it for counting fewer steps. The goal is counting steps accurately. I haven't found a step counter yet that doesn't add steps while you sleep or while you sit at a desk all day! So, just how accurate really is the Apple step counter? More isn't better if it's not accurate.

  3. Don't buy this watch it's terrible for step counting every 500 steps it loses 100 .it's not accurate . One plus Def settled in making a bordge job .

  4. 2 weeks ago I bought the Rollme s08, a big 1.69" smartwatch for around $150. My girlfriend has the Apple Watch Series 2 and this Oneplus Watch, the Oneplus is total crap in her opinion.

    Mine Rollme s08 (Android 7.1) better in every single with dual cameras, two operating systems.

  5. Nice review! Thanks for doing it!

    I wonder if the mismatch in step count might be related to arm use. Have you considered switching arms, so the Apple Watch and OnePlus watch are on the other arm for a day or two, to see if the Apple Watch count is still higher?

  6. The oneplus watch is much better than Huawei gt2 pro that i had before. Bright screen , excellent quality of calls, smooth software and much more!
    Of course i don't have to mention the battery life!

  7. bruh.. the xiaomi mi watch color is basicly the same it feels like. More support from the mobile app, custom watchfaces and half the price.. with the same battery life.

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